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OTEP - cd art - 2-18-16Formed from the poetic marrow of creative intercourse, is more than a band. is an Art Movement, a Revolution; Breaking ground. Breaking rules. Breaking barriers. Articulate. Aggressive. Pure Adrenaline. ARTcore of Heavy Mental Rock.”  This is how mastermind/vocalist Shamaya and her band have been described and this album proves this truth!

‘s seventh studio album and Napalm Records debut: produced by will be released April 15th.

LIMITED EDITION Pre-orders for are available NOW in exclusive bundle packages from the webstore: HERE.  Better grab yours quick! Select vinyl editions have already sold out! Today the first song from is receiving its exclusive premiere courtesy of Loudwire.  Check out “” by clicking HERE.

About the song, Shamaya says:

is a cry of defiance against the ever-encroaching military industrial complex, against police brutality, against tyranny in politics, against CAFO’s, against the injustices our people face on a daily basis. Revolution is the opiate of the artist. We’d rather be in battle than at peace. We’d rather be a wolf than a sheep. They’ve had their chance to reign. But this is our time, our moment. We are GENERATION DOOM.”

Transcending from the darkness, like wolves into the light, OTEP is an explosion of inspiration and motivation, empowered by their dedication to the arts, being a voice for the voiceless, and fighting injustice. Rising from the labyrinth of Los Angeles, California, OTEP is unleashing a roaring anthem: GENERATION DOOM.

With OTEP Shamaya’s multifaceted vocal approach, from gut wrenching roars to soft seductive poetry to singing with a surprisingly magically sultry voice, to her evolution as a writer and story teller, GENERATION DOOM erupts with thunderous grooves that harmoniously detonate into dark industrial fury with fiery flows of hard-rock melodies that seamlessly shift into a mysterious musical beast that takes your breath away. Those who’ve heard GENERATION DOOM have best described it as “genius, heart stopping, a classic, and one of a kind.”

Where will OTEP`s courageous odyssey take them? Now ….nothing seems impossible.

OTEP - generation doom pic from FB - 2-18-16


  1. Zero
  2. Feeding Frenzy
  3. Royals (Lorde Cover)
  4. In Cold Blood
  5. Down
  6. God Is A Gun
  7. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts
  8. No Color
  9. Lie
  10. Generation Doom
  11. On The Shore

More on OTEP:

Originally discovered by Jack and Sharon Osbourne in Los Angeles, she was offered to play Ozzfest as an unsigned band and was the first female fronted band to play the touring festival. She signed with legendary label Capitol Records, without a demo, after only 5 live shows, and strictly on the power of her live performance. OTEP has gone on to record seven studio albums, an EP, and a live album.

Nominated by GLAAD for Outstanding Artist Award alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, she won MTV’s prestigious BEST VIDEO for Music With A Message Award. Singer, writer, activist, she spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 on behalf of ROCK THE VOTE. A celebrated spoken-word artist, she appeared on HBO’s DEF POETRY twice, recorded an unreleased spoken-word album and authored three books of poetry. She’s authored a book of short stories titled MOVIES IN MY HEAD and produced and directed an audiobook of one of the stories titled PINEBOX JAKE. Utilizing her incredibly dynamic vocal range she’s also a successful Voice Over Artist appearing in many projects including the award winning PlayStation video game THE LAST OF US and in feature films including THE HOBBIT: The Battle Of The Five Armies and many others.

Her live performance alongside her very talented musicians has been described as a “complete mutiny of the senses”. Combining spoken word with a cathartic range of emotional roars and soft melodies over an equally bedlamite alchemy of masterful music. When asked about her current line up she’s said: “These are the most talented group of musicians I’ve ever worked with. We are a family. These are my brothers in arms. My guitarist Aristotle and I have a spiritual connection on an alchemical level that’s preternaturally conducive to creativity. Along with my amazing drummer Justin Kier, we are a force of nature and resistance fighters. Music is our weapon. They believe in what we’re doing, what we stand for, and have the utmost affection and respect for our fans, The OTEP TRIBE.” Armed with the lethality of master artists, they continue to inspire and crush live shows around the world.

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