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CROP DOB Welcome To Babylon CoverLos Angeles-based rock band Disciples of Babylon released its debut EP titled Welcome To Babylon on September 12, 2015 during a record release party at the King King on Hollywood Blvd. With a band consisting of graduates from Musicians Institute College Of Contemporary Music located in Hollywood, CA where they met, Eric Knight (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Ramon Blanco (Lead Guitar), Gui Bodi (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Ray Rojo (Drums), are the perfect juxtaposition of musical artists to have found each other.

From the first song on the album and the first single, Karma, it is an instantaneous trip into a rock music trance. With heavy psychedelic guitar riffs and powerhouse vocals, this song is also fueled by really significant lyrics that are well written. In fact, this is throughout all three songs on the EP. “The promises you break are killin me, you can’t keep your word so stop lying to me,” Knight sings with impressive passion, you can completely identify with the message of the song. The second track, Arrived is a rock ballad which has a lot of influence from 30 Seconds To Mars and a classic sound to it yet containing their own style within the mix. “I have arrived the challenge I faced in this life I survived” and the entire song’s lyrics will become an anthem to anyone who listens to it and lives up to its name as Disciples of Babylon really have arrived with this song. Track three The Great Pretend is the perfect ending to this EP with a more heavy rock ballad than the song before and as Knight sings “Angels will surround you” the hook this song has is incredible.

My only complaint on this album is there are only three songs because once the first track starts, it only makes you want more and more. When we interviewed the band (as featured in this issue), they mentioned their goal of taking over the world and inspiring people and after listening to this album at least 20 times, there is no doubt that is what they will do. This band not only has the talent to back up their hype, they have a style that is unique while at the same time featuring  small bits of their influences. Impressive on every level, Welcome To Babylon is going to be welcomed with open arms by anyone who listens. As a fellow Musicians Institute graduate, they are a perfect success story to not only the school but to also give massive hope to this industry that is in need of some new music and passion….what seems lost is certainly found with Disciples of Babylon, so get ready to follow them and become one of the disciples. Bravo!!!

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