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814ZC59w3vL._SL1471_Earlier this year, , a band from France, released their latest album Capture.  Capture is a 12 track album featuring, Guillaume Bideau on vocals, David and Franck Potvin both on guitar, Vincent Perdicaro on bass and Clement Rouxel on drums. The first track Stinkin’ Of Gold hits off hard with the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. Bideau bellows out the lyrics effortlessly.  The third track The Clock is Ticking has the perfect mix of singing and growling to showcase Bideaus’ vocals.  It has a fast hardcore beat to satisfy all the metal fans. Track 6 Confusion Core has very powerful drums–Clement Rouxel is well skilled; he is non-stop pounding on the drums throughout the entire track.  Lady Marmalade will draw your attention immediately. It has the lyrics and the sound to actually make you stop what you’re doing and listen. The last song on the CD is We Love To Complain. It is a bittersweet ending to the CD as it is a truly great song with intelligent lyrics and magnificent vocals and rhythmic instruments. Each song on this CD is completely different with its own hardcore sound, making this a solid CD. For many people this is going to be a new band, but be adventurous and go out grab the CD, play it loud as it was meant to be played. You will find it to be hard, intense, powerful and pungent. It will probe sharply and insightfully into your soul taking you to a new level of metal.



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