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ROYAL BLISS – Earning the Title “The Unluckiest Band in Rock”

They’ve been called the unluckiest band in rock, and with a slew of mishaps – a car wreck, near paralysis, a stabbing, and record company promises unrealized – they’ve rightly earned the title. Sitting on their bus before a show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Royal Bliss’ Neal Middleton (lead vocals), Taylor Richards (guitar), Dwayne Crawford… Read more »

Royal Bliss Live – Big Dogs/3rd St. Live, Cedar Rapids, IA

Big Dogs is a home away from home for those who like to rock. With the amount of time some spent at this venue when the rock music scene was thriving in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, that’s what it became. Called Big Dogs, then 3rd St. Live for a while, the business has been… Read more »

Royal Bliss at Big Dogs in Cedar Rapids, IA on Nov. 2, 2012

Live Photos of Royal Bliss at Big Dogs/3rd St. Live, Cedar Rapids, IA on November 2, 2012 Click Here to Read the review of the show.