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Sweven is the second album from the four piece Swedish prog-metal band Morbus Chron.  Though they tout themselves as a death metal band, Sweven is a lot more progressive than death. The opening song on Sweven, Berceuse is a slow, meandering jazz-influenced piece without vocals that is sort of an odd start for an album;… Read more »

The Unstoppable DIR EN GREY

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Dir En Grey is one of the hardest working bands in metal and more people really should be aware of it. They are one of the few J-Rock bands that makes an effort to regularly tour the United States. On November 1nd 2013, two days before their latest North American tour was supposed to start in… Read more »

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare: Definitely not meant for your Grandma

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Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare was a haunted house/concert experience held at the Pomona Fairplex, a large venue about 20 miles east of Los Angeles. Lasting through the month of October the event featured three haunted house attractions, musical performances, and tons of food and merchandise vendors. After working with Universal Studios Hollywood for the… Read more »

MINISTRY’S AL JOURGENSEN – From Rockstar to Author

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Lately, Al Jorgensen has been a busy man. With the latest and last Ministry album From Beer to Eternity just released, as well as his autobiography The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, his schedule has been packed. This really being the last Ministry album, due to the sudden, tragic death of long time guitarist Mike Scaccia, one… Read more »


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The first few minutes of The On Going Concept’s debut album Saloon are a rather weird experience for a first time listener.  After about a minute and a half of hearing the ambiance of a crowded bar on Saturday night entitled Let’s Deal The Cards Again, the listener is then completely assaulted by the ear splitting opening riff of… Read more »

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