Author: Derek Taylor

SHAMAN HARVEST – Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns

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A little over fifteen years ago, in the heart of Mid-Missouri, the inception of Shaman’s Harvest began with current members Nathan Hunt, Matt Fisher and Josh Hamler.  Starting with the extremely rare 1999 release of Last Call For Goose Creek, followed by Synergy in 2002, and March Of The Bastards in 2006, Shaman’s Harvest has… Read more »

SEETHER – Refining Their Sound

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Performing as one of the monumental hard rock bands that ushered in the new millennia, Seether has maintained an increasing constant forward momentum in the span of their musical career.  With ten Billboard, MTV, and other assorted music nominations and seven awards under their belt, the band has made quite an impact on the airwaves…. Read more »

HOLLOW – Mordrake

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Canadian Symphonic Death Metal.  Now that is a set of words one simply does not hear very often.  However, it is definitely a thing!  Hailing from Montreal comes Hollow with their debut release entitled “Mordrake”, a 12-track monstrous audio tapestry that has a little something for everyone with an ear for heavy metal. Mordrake infuses… Read more »

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