Author: Gary Clarke

Million $ Reload – A Sinner’s Saint

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These Northern Irish rockers kick things off with a snarl and a bite reminiscent of heavyweights AC/DC, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are just another rock n’ roll clone.  Million $ Reload have their own slant on this area of rock music with a great sense of melody and arrangement.  Examples of this… Read more »

Million $ Reload – If It Ain’t Broke…

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If you like your rock n’ roll with a hint of AC/DC or a splash of Rhino Bucket, maybe a lick of Airbourne or a dash of Funny Money, then Million $ Reload from Belfast, Northern Ireland might be something to tempt your ears to the greasy underbelly of rock satisfaction.  Their second studio album A… Read more »

XFactor1 – Famous Last Words

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This band delivers what would be expected from a mainstream American hard rock band.  Big sounding distorted guitars along with gang vocals in places and some subtle-as-a-sledgehammer attitude.  Don’t tell your mom, but you’ll spontaneously bounce around playing air guitar to the first three tracks!  Bring It On, It’s My Life and Over And Out are designed to… Read more »

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