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Hilary Mahoney is a live entertainment specialist and former lead music writer for Hoopla, an entertainment periodical published by the Cedar Rapids, IA Gazette newspaper as well as Pulse, a former entertainment magazine based out of Waterloo, Iowa. On a daily basis, Hilary can be found in the trenches interviewing band members and attending live music venues. Hilary majored in music in junior college and in 2006, earned her BA in nonprofit administration from the University of Northern Iowa. Her background in music, theater and dance uniquely qualify her to write compelling, informative exposés as well as fueling her ongoing personal pursuit of the bass guitar.

RHYME -The Seed and The Sewage

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Originating from Milan, Italy, the band Rhyme is ready to take the international markets by storm with the release of their second album, The Seed and The Sewage on December 3,2012.  Following their debut album Fi(r)st, this is their first release on Bakerteam Records. The band is currently on tour in Europe, after having been a… Read more »

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