Author: Krista Hertzog

AURIN – Cathartic Darkness

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Among the many catalysts in music production, there remain those experiences and those feelings that initially coax the artist to the drawing board – those that put pen to paper, those that transform verse to song, and those that ultimately bind the artist to their audience both on and off stage. For Andrew Wayne, growing… Read more »

HED P.E. – The Evolution

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Originally spawned in Huntington Beach, California and formed by lead vocalist and frontman Jared Gomes (also known as MC Underdog), guitarist Wes Geer and bassist Mark Young, it at first appeared that (Hed) was simply a product of its environment – a screaming, tatted G-punk midst all the other G-punks stomping around Surf City with… Read more »

PREACHER – Signals

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If we’re undeniably comparing Preacher to Pink Floyd, Signals is without a doubt Preacher’s dark side debut. Replacing the jazzy instrumentals and at times, overwhelming psychedelia in favor of a more bluesy rock structure, Signals stills sounds eerily similar to Floyd’s most commercially successful album. However, whereas Dark Side of the Moon picks you up off the ground and hurdles you… Read more »