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Richard Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal's history with Screamer Magazine goes way back to the summer of 1988, when he started writing for the publication. From 1988-1992, Richard was in the thick of it when the Sunset Strip was the hard rock and heavy metal capitol of the world. Spending many a night at the Whisky, the Roxy, Gazzarri's and the Troubadour, Richard covered both local bands as well as the biggest names in music. Now, as Screamer enters the digital age, Richard is excited to once again be contributing to the magazine.

THE BATELEURS – The Sun in the Tenth House – Album Review

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There’s a good chance that most of us in the United States have never heard of The Bateleurs. A band from Lisbon, Portugal on a record label based in Spain? That combination isn’t typically on American music radar, but one listen to the band’s new album The Sun In the Tenth House should definitely change… Read more »

IMMORTAL AXES – Lisa S. Johnson’s Amazing Tour Behind the Music

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There is no shortage of books on rock music photography, as one will quickly find by searching for the subject on Amazon. A glance will yield countless examples to choose from, with the vast majority being books filled with shots of artists onstage or studio portraits. It’s a natural, as rock ’n’ roll is a… Read more »


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“Walk tall man, be the best you can. Leave a good path when you walk this land. Spread good word, with faith in hand, and most of all…walk tall man.”  Southern culture isn’t exactly in vogue. Historic statues are being torn down, Confederate flags are retired, even the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum changed… Read more »

Book Review: Nothin’ But A Good Time

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The subtitle of this book is “The uncensored history of the ’80s hard rock explosion.” Having been a writer for Screamer Magazine since 1988, I was familiar with the bands, the personalities and the clubs mentioned in the promotion and reviews for the book. For me, I was looking forward not so much about reading… Read more »

FORTRESS – Waiting For The Night album review

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In the 1980’s the Sunset Strip was the epicenter of the music world. On any given weekend night hundreds of fans and band members roamed the Sunset Strip making contacts and promoting upcoming shows. It became a huge, recurring outdoor party. However, as famous as bands such as Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant and Guns ’N’… Read more »

The SCREAMER MAGAZINE Mixtapes, Volume 2

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The Lonely Ones—Change The Station So much of what passes for “music” these days is targeted at the masses, and thus seems to value visuals over talent. As evidence we see the rise of over processed, over polished bland boring pop that unfortunately seems to permeate every aspect of society.  All of this makes Change… Read more »

IS ROCK DEAD? – Not By a Long Shot

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One of the most infamous statements in rock music was uttered in 2014 when Gene Simmons of KISS declared in a Rolling Stone interview that “Rock is finally dead.” Just a few weeks ago, while doing publicity for a 2020 New Year’s Eve concert in Dubai he reiterated that feeling in an interview with Gulf… Read more »

SUB POP RECORDS – Opens New Retail Store

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Sub Pop is a record label most noted for signing Nirvana and Soundgarden, two bands that helped define what became known as grunge or “The Seattle Sound” in the late 80’s. In addition to being a successful label, Sub Pop has a retail store at SeaTac airport in Seattle that is packed with merchandise and… Read more »

The SCREAMER MAGAZINE Mixtapes, Volume 1

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Hello Screamer Readers! I have been writing about music since 1988, and it’s fair to say that 2020 was the most challenging year ever for all involved in creating, recording and performing live music. There is hope that 2021 will be better, but realistically, it may be until summer or later before live concerts return…. Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – You Can’t Keep A Good Band Down

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Picture a frontman on stage in a dark club. The air is hot and steamy due to the perpetually malfunctioning air conditioning, and the club smells vaguely of stale beer. The guy is wearing worn jeans, black T-shirt and headband, and he’s playing a beat-to-shit old Fender Telecaster with a lit cigarette jammed in the… Read more »

THE COMPULSIONS – Ferocious – album review

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There are certain genres of music that are associated with geographic regions. Speak of “Southern Rock” or “The British Invasion” or “The Seattle Sound” and instantly certain bands and songs come to mind. If someone mentioned the phrase “New York City Rock ’n’ Roll” what would you think? “Dark, gritty, raw, honest,” might be apt… Read more »

NICK PERRI – Creative Persistence In Uncertain Times

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Imagine being at a concert where there are 36,000 people in the audience—but at the same time, the venue is completely deserted. That’s what happened on August 14 at the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. On stage were Nick Perry & The Underground Thieves, and in the front row seats were not prime ticket… Read more »

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