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Richard Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal's history with Screamer Magazine goes way back to the summer of 1988, when he started writing for the publication. From 1988-1992, Richard was in the thick of it when the Sunset Strip was the hard rock and heavy metal capitol of the world. Spending many a night at the Whisky, the Roxy, Gazzarri's and the Troubadour, Richard covered both local bands as well as the biggest names in music. Now, as Screamer enters the digital age, Richard is excited to once again be contributing to the magazine.

GRETA VAN FLEET – From The Fires – Double EP Review

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When Greta Van Fleet exploded on the music scene earlier this year, there probably wasn’t a conversation about the band that didn’t include the words “Led Zeppelin.” And while the group (brothers Josh, Jake and Sam Kizka, and family friend, Danny Wagner) would usually downplay the comparisons in interviews, the resemblance was indeed striking. Lead… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET Live! – The Viper Room

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“Really hot. Really packed. And really historic.” If this was a contest to describe Greta Van Fleet’s gig at The Viper Room in ten words or less…well, there you have it. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot more words; around five hundred, to be exact. So let’s get to it. July 25th, 2017 marked Greta Van… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET Rising – Walking Through the Eye of the Storm

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“Hi, folks – hey, got a favor to ask – we’ve just signed a new band – Greta Van Fleet – who I think is right up your alley, and I’d love for you to give a listen to one of their songs – Highway Tune.  Just for you, not to be shared or made… Read more »

Megadeth’s DAVID ELLEFSON – Renaissance Man

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Coffeehouses are by their very nature warm and inviting environments. The smell of fresh brewed coffee hangs in the air, comfy chairs and sofas are scattered about, friends engaged in conversation are huddled together while solo word warriors peck away at their laptops. The sounds of screaming heavy metal music blast froth from the shop’s… Read more »

TERRY ILOUS – Rock’s Flamenco Ambassador

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Newton’s first law of motion is often stated as: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” So what does that have to do with music? Science is objective and creativity is subjective,… Read more »

SYLVIA MASSY’s Wild, Weird World of Recording

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You know all those crazy stories about what happens in recording studios? Wild stuff like musicians insisting on recording while they’re buck naked, or blasting away at a piano with a shotgun? How about recording the sounds of a guitar amp as it’s tossed off a cliff? Or a record producer duct-taping Peter Gabriel high… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET – Like Everything (And Nothing) You’ve Heard Before

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There is an expression “an old man’s soul in a young man’s body.” With a keen sense of both music and the music business, as well as being unfailingly polite and articulate in conversation, Sam Kiszka exhibits a maturity far beyond his 18 years. Sam, who doubles on bass and keyboards, along with older twin… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET – Black Smoke Rising

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If you were around in the early 70’s, this EP will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. After listening to all four tracks on Greta Van Fleet’s Black Smoke Rising, you’d swear on the proverbial stack of Bibles that this is a collection of Led Zeppelin songs that were buried in a… Read more »

DEREK DAVIS – Hard Rock Soul Man

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80’s metal is big business these days. There are cruises and festivals devoted to the genre that regularly cruise the oceans and tour the country. There are even parallel competing bands, each with a few original members, fighting legal battles for the right to use the same name (Ratt, Great White, L.A. Guns and Queensryche… Read more »

THE DOLLYROTS – Whiplash Splash

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Tired of Facebook flame wars about politics? Had it up to here with the endless parade of sensational headlines, protest marches and requests to join boycotts? The perfect antidote is here: Whiplash Splash by The Dollyrots, a Southern California duo comprised of Kelly Ogden on lead vocals/bass and Luis Cabezas handling guitar and vocals. The… Read more »

VINTAGE TROUBLE – At The Crossroads of Music & Fashion

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The worlds of rock music and fashion have always been tightly linked. From the psychedelic explosion in the late 60’s to the glam movement of the 70’s, the punk and metal bands of 80’s to the grunge movement of the 90’s, musicians are influenced by what they see on the street, and stagewear is often… Read more »

LONG WAY TO THE TOP – Movie Review

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Ask the average music fan their impression of what life on the road is like for a band on tour. Sold-out arenas with thousands of screaming fans, backstage parties, lavish food spreads, groupies and gleaming tour buses will probably be mentioned. While that might be true for a handful of bands at the top, for… Read more »

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