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Richard Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal's history with Screamer Magazine goes way back to the summer of 1988, when he started writing for the publication. From 1988-1992, Richard was in the thick of it when the Sunset Strip was the hard rock and heavy metal capitol of the world. Spending many a night at the Whisky, the Roxy, Gazzarri's and the Troubadour, Richard covered both local bands as well as the biggest names in music. Now, as Screamer enters the digital age, Richard is excited to once again be contributing to the magazine.

SLASH feat. MYLES KENNEDY Live! – The Whisky

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Eight years ago, Slash dropped his debut solo record solidifying him as one of the most influential rock and roll guitar players in the business. With that, came the culmination of the star filled ensemble, Slash: Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Proving themselves as a solid group over the good part of the last… Read more »

TEMPT Gets An Invite to the Garden Party From Bon Jovi

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When Screamer Magazine recently spoke to guitarist Harrison Marcello, of the band Tempt, they were riding a wave of positive vibes. Def Leppard had noticed Tempt’s cover of the Leppard song Women and had given Harrison and his bandmates a nice shout-out on Def Leppard’s social media platforms. In addition, drummer, Ric Allen, gave the… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET Live! – Ford Theater, Hollywood, CA

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Last summer, Greta Van Fleet played their Los Angeles debut at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. It was a mere half-hour showcase designed to introduce the band to music industry professionals.  The gig was sold out, and whether it was nervous energy on the part of the band or just inexperience playing away… Read more »

TEMPT Gets Tapped by Def Leppard

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Once upon a time, Harrison Marcello and Zack Allen, two college friends, decided to start a band. And they declared that their band would be named Tempt. The band would not be a pop band, nor a screaming metal band, nor an alternative band, but a melodic hard rock band; catchy, guitar-driven songs with real… Read more »

ROBERT M. KNIGHT – Celebrating Half a Century Behind the Lens

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Let’s say that you, Joe or Jane Average Rock ‘n Roll Fan, decided you wanted to be a rock photographer. You grab your professional camera, sling it around your neck, and head off to a concert by a major name artist. No assignment, no photo pass…just a burning passion for taking photos. How far do… Read more »

Rock Gods: Fifty Years of Rock Photography – by Robert M. Knight

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At first glance, one might think that the primary attraction of a book titled Rock Gods—Fifty Years of Rock Photography would be the photos. No brainer, right? True, the shots view like a gallery of the greatest musicians in rock n’ roll history: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie… Read more »

OUTLAWS & MOONSHINE – Devil in the Moonshine

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In 2015, Outlaws & Moonshine released the EP 1919, which earned the band positive reviews (Screamer was among those giving the EP a thumbs-up). Now, the band has recorded five new songs, which they’ve combined with the original five on 1919, and the resulting collection is the LP Devil in the Moonshine. With songs titled… Read more »

SLEEP SCIENCE – Sounds of the Underground

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Being in an indie band is a tough gig—literally. With no label to provide financial support for recording, promotion or touring, it’s all on your dime. Add to that the proliferation of streaming media services and you’re competing with hundreds—if not thousands—of other bands, all trying to get noticed. Given all of the above, many… Read more »


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Day 1 Review The Monster Energy Aftershock Music Festival is an event that music fans in Northern California look forward to each year. The band lineup is always the talk of social media, and this year was no exception. Before one even gets in the gate, there’s the issue of parking to deal with. It’s… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET – From The Fires – Double EP Review

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When Greta Van Fleet exploded on the music scene earlier this year, there probably wasn’t a conversation about the band that didn’t include the words “Led Zeppelin.” And while the group (brothers Josh, Jake and Sam Kizka, and family friend, Danny Wagner) would usually downplay the comparisons in interviews, the resemblance was indeed striking. Lead… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET Live! – The Viper Room

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“Really hot. Really packed. And really historic.” If this was a contest to describe Greta Van Fleet’s gig at The Viper Room in ten words or less…well, there you have it. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot more words; around five hundred, to be exact. So let’s get to it. July 25th, 2017 marked Greta Van… Read more »

GRETA VAN FLEET Rising – Walking Through the Eye of the Storm

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“Hi, folks – hey, got a favor to ask – we’ve just signed a new band – Greta Van Fleet – who I think is right up your alley, and I’d love for you to give a listen to one of their songs – Highway Tune.  Just for you, not to be shared or made… Read more »

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