Author: Elise Shire

HELLION – Karma’s A Bitch

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The recent release of Karma’s a Bitch marked the return of the female-fronted Hellion after a decade-long hiatus. Reminiscent of heavy metal from the 70’s and 80’s, this five track mini-LP features inspired performances and catchy metal anthems.  Ann Boleyn’s vocals carry the same strength, quality, and roar of condemnation demonstrated in Hellion’s earlier albums…. Read more »

SAVING ABEL – New Horizons

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In the years following its initial formation in 2004, Saving Abel has seen some changes.  When former vocalist Jared Weeks made the decision to pursue a solo project last December, vocalist Scotty Austin was asked to step in after his former band opened for Saving Abel.  “My band opened for Saving Abel and the next… Read more »

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