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Trixter – New Audio Machine

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Longevity can be an elusive attribute but not for vocalist, Pete Loran, guitarist Steve Brown, bassist P.J. Farley and drummer Gus Scott; better known as Trixter.  After a 12-year hiatus, Trixter has resurrected with their newest release, New Audio Machine.  Recent years have produced a live album and a “greatest hits”, but this is the… Read more »

Pain and Perseverance: Charm City Devils’ John Allen Shares His Journey

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Living in a Baltimore row home listening to Smoke on the Water pulsate through the walls was where the desire to play music started for Charm City Devils frontman, John Allen.  “My next door neighbor had older brothers and they had a band” laughs Allen, “I would hear Smoke on the Water coming through the… Read more »

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