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Emotiva Pro, the company whose passion for impeccable sound is manifested in every product bearing its name, will use the occasion of the NAMM Show 2013 to unveil its new reference studio monitor: the Emotiva Professional Stealth 8.

Designed to meet the exacting needs of recording engineers, musicians, hobbyists, and audiophiles alike, the powered Stealth 8 relies on Emotiva Pro’s exclusive airmotiv™ folded-ribbon high frequency transducer– which moves air by literally squeezing it between the pleats of its folded diaphragm, resulting in smaller excursions, dramatically reduced distortion, and incredible dynamics—and an 8-inch version of its airmotiv™ Curv™ woven polypropylene low-frequency transducer. Both drivers are contained within a newly engineered Minimum Acoustic Signature™ cabinet, which boasts a 3-axis CNC-milled front panel constructed from a solid 2″ block of MDF, extensive internal bracing, and Three-Phase internal damping. The resulting cabinet isn’t mere a merely a striking sight to behold—its angular front panel minimizes diffraction, and its solid, acoustically inert assembly unlocks the full potential of Emotiva’s advanced drivers.

The Stealth 8’s internal bi-amplification also takes it to the next level in terms of performance and consistency. Every high- and low-frequency driver is driven by its own individual 200-watt amp, for a total of 400 watts RMS per monitor, allowing for 120+ dB peaks in the near-field while delivering uncompromising dynamics whether the user is recording, mixing, or listening at home.

The fully discrete internal amplifiers reflect a true audiophile approach to engineering, with extensive use of surface-mount parts, precision resistors, and film capacitors. The Stealth 8’s custom toroid transformer also delivers exceptional efficiency and low noise in this powerhouse monitor.

The Stealth 8 reference quality monitor is designed to deliver impeccable accuracy across its entire frequency range—so accurate that it is specified to within ±1.75db (instead of the more common ±3dB) from 30 Hz to 23 kHz.

That, of course, is in a completely controlled anechoic environment. To account for the differences in studio (or listening) environments, Emotiva equipped the Stealth 8 with extensive contouring controls for both low and high frequencies. Five discrete level adjustments are provided for high-frequency tilt, as well as low frequency tilt and cut, to achieve the perfect match for nearly any room and application.

“With the Stealth 8, our goal was to create a reference caliber active studio monitor, with unbelievable accuracy and tonal consistency, from ultra-deep bass to beyond audibility, with absolutely seamless transition between low- and high-frequency drivers,” says Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva. “I’m incredibly proud of this speaker. We’ve developed a studio monitor with a truly holographic soundstage that delivers pinpoint imaging and accurate tonal balance across a wide horizontal listening window, which is sure to delight industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.”

The Emotiva Professional Stealth 8 precision bi-amplified active studio monitor will debut at the 2013 NAMM Show, which runs from January 24-27 in Anaheim, California, and will begin shipping this month for $749/each, exclusively at

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