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Day three is usually the busiest at NAMM and this year was no exception.  With performances by Ronny North, Great White featuring Jack Russell, Alex Skolnick and many more, fans got more than their money’s worth.  Seen roaming the convention hall floors were Nuno Bettencourt, Nicko McBrain, Terry Ilous, Jacob Bunton, Johnny Martin, Chris Sanders and the Jagermeister Girls to name a few.  After covering miles and miles of carpeted convention floor, when it came time to interview Jack Russell of Great White, I was thrilled to nab a couple of chairs for us old war horses to occupy.  Jack is truly a class act and gave me one of my most substantive interviews of the convention.  Now it was time to drink!  The Hilton, is always the popular hangout once the show closes, it’s spittin’ distance from the convention center, has two stages in the bar and wall to wall people.  And while it was great partying with members of Warrant, Great White, Lynch Mob, Adler, XYZ and Knight Fury, the absolute highlight of the evening was an impromptu appearance and performance by Stevie Wonder.  Cameras and camera phones lit that bar up like chronic in a weed dispensary, without the aroma of course.  So all in all NAMM 2013 was another huge success for the exhibitors, buyers, organizers and especially Screamer Magazine and RadioScreamer.  ‘Til next year!



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