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It is time for NAMM where companies like Radial introduce the world to a new line up of products.  This year we are introducing more new products than ever before. Our 500 series continues to expand with two new racks and 6 new modules making their debut. Our Primacoustic division has expanded their Paintables line of acoustic treatment. Yes, you can actually paint these panels to suit!

See a sample of just some of the new products we are showcasing at NAMM below:


The Voco-Loco is a unique device that lets you add guitar effects pedals to a live vocal performance! The design begins with a high performance, low noise mic preamp that is equipped with both high and low EQ settings. The Voco-Loco generates 48V phantom power, thus making it work with both dynamic and condenser mics. The signal is then sent through a send & receive loop where various guitar pedals may be connected. One could for instance add distortion, delay or reverb and control the effect using a footswitch. The innovative design lets you choose between fully wet effects or a wet-dry mix to retain the natural sound of the voice. The effects can of course be bypassed for normal clean voice operation.

Retail: $300 USD


The StageDirect is a direct box with a footswitch, designed for musicians who need to mute their guitar while performing on stage. This can be for tuning or for exchanging one instrument with another. The active design gives you the choice of either 48V phantom or 15VDC operation.  A mute switch turns the direct box and stage amp outputs off while sending a signal to the tuner.  One merely stomps on the footswitch to tune or to grab another instrument. This is particularly useful for lead vocalists who may use an acoustic guitar for a particular song as turning off the guitar eliminates runaway feedback and resonance.

Retail: $250 USD


The PZ-DI is a J-class direct box that is equipped with a 3 position load switch to accommodate orchestral instruments that employ piezo pickups (10meg), acoustic, electric and bass guitars that employ magnetic pickups (220k) and older low-output instruments (1meg). A variable high pass filter eliminates low frequency rumble and is used with the 180ᵒ polarity reverse to eliminate feedback. For active instruments, a low pass filter gently warms the top end.

Retail: $260 USD 

StageBug SB-1 DI

The StageBug SB-1 Acoustic is a direct box that has been optimized for acoustic guitar. This active DI features standard instrument input with a dedicated tuner out. This can also be used to feed an on-stage amp. A -10dB pad also enables the SB-1 to be used with higher output active sources such as active basses and keyboards. The balanced XLR output is used to feed the PA. This is equipped with a 180° polarity reverse to help tame hot spots on stage and reduce feedback. Best of all, the design is super compact so that it fits inside a guitar case pocket! This makes it easy to deploy anywhere!

 Retail: $80 USD 

Cherry Picker

When the artist participates in the mic and preamp selection, this makes them more comfortable and generally results in a better performance. The Cherry Picker employs ‘straight wire’, relay based switching to enable the engineer to instantly switch and compare up to 4 preamps. There are no transformers or buffers in the circuit.  48V phantom is generated internally to reduce switching noise and a mute switch makes changing mics easy.

Retail: $400 USD 

Gold Digger

Designed to improve efficiency in the studio, the Gold Digger lets you compare up to 4 microphones and quickly switch between them using radio-style push-button selectors. The Gold Digger generates 48V phantom internally to reduce switching pops to an absolute minimum. To ensure ‘straight wire’ performance, there are no transformers or audio buffers in the signal path. To ensure a fair comparison, trim level controls allow the engineer to match the levels.

Retail: $400 USD 


The SixPack is a desk-top power rack for 500 series modules that lets you mix and match up to six modules and safely power them to create a stereo channel strip or unique signal chain. The design begins with a heavy 14 gauge steel construction and baked enamel finish. This provides extra durability when moving the SixPack around the studio while also providing better shielding against stray magnetic fields. To reduce induced noise, the power supply is external and connects using a 5-pin locking XLR. To ensure positive contact, the module card-edge connector is mated to a double sided EDAC 15-pin receptacle that is 100% compatible with the old API pin format.

Retail: $550 USD

And Much More. Visit for More.

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