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Initially launched as a Kickstarter project in August 2012 by rogue members of the YRG team, Inspired Instruments, Inc., is introducing the YRG-PRO to music industry members at NAMM 2013. Adding, upgrading, and integrating its patented technology of the YRG-1000 Gen 2 tech into a hyper-powerful, under $1000 MIDI guitar. With professional studio use and performance in mind, the YRG-PRO has a sleek solid body and finish. Improvements have been made to the control panel, mute bar, neck, whammy bar, battery system, input/output panel, knob system, and firmware. The PRO represents the next leap forward in the evolution of YRG’s revolutionary technology.

Alongside the PRO, Inspired Instruments, Inc. will be releasing a new neck accessory for the YRG-1000 and YRG-1000 <Gen2>. The neck will be sold as an accessory and will feature standard fret spacing and a 13” radius. It has a cool new color scheme and will provide even more guitar familiarity to the YRG-1000 form factor. “We are excited at the progress we have made this past year and we will continue to make this kind of technology available to the broader public “ says Chasey Elion, VP. “This is MIDI for Guitarists!”

Inspired Instruments, Inc., makes the first affordable, no latency digital MIDI guitar for the consumer and musical instrument marketplace. The company was founded late 2009, and started shipping its first YRG’s in mid 2010. Since then, The YRG was named “Most Innovative Product” in 2010 by USA Today, and has been featured in the New York Times Business Section, front page, story by David Pogue. Inspired Instruments, Inc., has been written up in respected musical industry publications such as Sound On Sound and Guitar Player Magazine. The brand continues to spread through wildly creative, organic postings of all levels of players using the You Rock Guitar on You Tube.

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