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Los Angeles based band Diamond Lane is truly a diamond in the rough. In this day and age, DIY (do it yourself) bands are where it’s at. Bands that can create the buzz on their own and deliver a polished group of artists with an album gift wrapped and ready to hit the market are the ones that record labels are looking for nowadays. When a band can fuel their own fire, sell their own records and harvest a strong fan base, it is almost certain that they will be the ones who make it through these trying times in music.

Already earning their first of many accolades as Fox Sports Artist Of The Month and having their music used for different sporting events is a rare feat, especially with an unsigned band. Brandon Baumann (vocals), Jarret Reis (guitar), Ray Zhang (bass), Dave Vandigitty (drums) and Ian McLaren (guitar) are exceeding limits as their band Diamond Lane continues to gain momentum. With the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, Must Be Hell and the first since their 2014 Terrorizer, Diamond Lane is on a mission to figure out who they want to release this record and to bring their music careers to the next level.


“Like anyone else, you start off because you love music and you love performing and you love playing. It’s just been a nonstop grind ever since. We keep our eye on the pie and it’s all about getting noticed and about breaking the barriers and showing that you are willing to work hard and not just let someone else do it for you.” Baumann tells us. “It’s been something that has been anchored into our minds since the beginning.”

Diamond Lane are not only a strong group on stage but in their personal life as well, like brothers. Baumann describes how they all met, “Jarret and I grew up together in Northern California and when we moved down to Los Angeles, we met Ray, Dave and Ian and there was just an undeniable chemistry in the formula. Every ingredient counts!”

As avid sports fans, Baumann could barely contain how exciting it was when they received the Fox Sports Artist Of The Month and how it is just unreal to go to a sporting event and hear your own music. “When the opportunity presented itself for us to license our music and build a relationship with Fox Sports, it just grew organically from there. It was really satisfying to be at a game and hear our songs over the PA and it just made us even more motivated to do more and keep writing better songs.”

Must Be Hell is set to be their best album yet. Reis expressed that musically they have grown so much. “Since we moved down to Los Angeles and became a five piece band, things have just escalated from there. With each record we do, we continue to raise the bar for ourselves and challenge ourselves and do our best to make even better music than the album before. Keep the fans happy, but we also want to be the faces of rock and for people to mention us as their favorite rock band without being pigeonholed into one genre of rock like metalcore or any specific style of rock. We just want to remain true to our sound and keep it fun. We definitely like to take the sports analogy in that respect and say we stepped up to the plate, hit the ball and we hit it out of the park.” Diamond Lane has no desire to recreate what they have already done on previous records. They prefer to take different approaches to their writing process. “Each song has its own inspirations and just feeding off each other and it happens organically and it just stays fun and we really enjoy the writing process.” Each member has similar musical inspirations but they also bring own flavor to the table. From Motley Crue to to Alice In Chains and The Eagles, their main focus is to create their own recipe and hope that the fans will love it.

In response to the recent deaths of musical icons David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Scott Weiland and Lemmy, Baumann reflects, “It’s time to just celebrate what those people brought to the world.”

As 2016 has commenced, Diamond Lane is ready to take on the music festival Rocklahoma and most notably excited to play on the same stage as Rob Zombie. “To have the opportunities to play for the second year with such heavy hitters in rock music, is just a dream come true,” Baumann exclaims. At the in which Diamond Lane is moving perhaps The Autobahn would be more accurate.

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