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IMG_4437You can always tell how much someone loves their craft. They take advantage of all of the opportunities presented to them even if it means taking on a stack of projects. Sean Peck, a singer/songwriter from San Diego, California is a prime example. With his band CAGE as well as Death Dealer and Metal Shermann, Peck is truly a musical force to be reckoned with.

With his powerhouse vocals and massive range, Peck is both impressive and triumphant in every way. When we sat down with Peck at NAMM this past weekend, he was bursting with energy which can only transfer to what kind of a performer he is on stage. Peck openly admits he was the class clown growing up. He loved to make people laugh. “I was always disrupting class and had the mindset that the classroom was my comedian den for all of my material. I never got in trouble other than for disrupting the class. One of my teachers came to me and told me I wasn’t very funny but I told her that if 90% of the class is laughing, then I must be. That didn’t go over well as you can imagine.” Agreeably, Peck’s sense of humor was infectious that was for sure.

Shockingly enough, Peck admits he was a late bloomer to the world of heavy metal. Growing up, he listened to bands like the Go-Go’s and Duran Duran to name a couple. “Once I heard Ozzy Osbourne’s song You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll and there was something about that song and I had to listen to it over and over again” Peck said. “Then, my friend introduced me to the Scorpions and I got into Judas Priest’s Defenders Of The Faith album, but once the heavy metal got into my blood, I was hooked. I never took voice lessons but I always tried to imitate voices like Geoff Tate and then I just decided to start coming up with my own sound. And then once I went to college at San Diego State, I was at a party and there was a band playing but they needed a singer so that’s where it began.”

At one point, Peck was in a band consisting of all financial planners who called themselves Tax Evasion. “It was funny because we mostly did cover tunes and sometimes we would throw in originals but it was pretty bad and we didn’t dress heavy metal so when some of the other local bands would come to play a show and we packed the house, they didn’t like it” Peck recalls. From there, a band called Nomad and a band called Crusher both broke up at the same time and became CAGE since 1992 which is my main band in San Diego.” The new CAGE album called Ancient Evil that was released October 2015 is based off of a book Peck wrote. “It’s a 150 page H.P. Lovecraft kind of horror story.  I wanted to do a concept album like King Diamond did and so I started writing the story and I took it to the guys in CAGE and we did a concept album with Hell Destroyer and I had this full manuscript and we made a 78 minute album, it couldn’t have been any longer or it wouldn’t have fit on a CD. Our music video for Across The Sea Of Madness is like a horror movie and it’s on a ship. It’s the most metal video you’ve ever seen. And then our last event was when we played the Metal Allegiance tour and we played at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood when they did the tribute for Lemmy.”

The other band Peck is in, Death Dealer has two albums and features Ross “The Boss” from Manowar, Mike Davis from Halford, Stu Marshall and Steve Bolognese. Peck refers to their album as”Judas Priest on steroids kind of vibe.” Peck talks about music video for Break The Silence. “We filmed it in Sweden and what I realized was is that you can light everything on fire and fly a drone over it and you have a killer video. It was like us playing in the middle of an inferno. When we filmed the video, we kept questioning if it was safe but it was so cool.”

Lastly, there is Peck’s third band called Denner Shermann which features Michael Denner and Hank Shermann and 3/5 of Merciful Fate. “Our album that just came out called Satan’s Tomb was released on Metal Blade Records and it just blew up.

Peck definitely has a life dedicated to music with fronting his three bands but also writing new records so the heavy metal world has welcomed him with open arms and it seems as though he has no intentions of slowing down.

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