ANTHRAX Live! – at the Hollywood Palladium

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Bodies collided across the Palladium on this Friday night as Anthrax celebrated four decades of absolute chaos, destruction, and mayhem. The thrash metal veterans kicked off the night with a video tribute from celebrities and peers across the industry. Once the curtain dropped, fans erupted as Among the Living kicked off the setlist. 

Lead singer Joey Belladonna raced across the stage, extending his microphone towards crowd surfers as they howled the lyrics from the top of their lungs. He appeared poised and comfortable in the anarchy while tapping into everyone’s primal instincts as they performed Caught in A Mosh. Circle pits split down the middle of the venue as spectators relished in the organized pandemonium. Guitarist Scott Ian continued to shell out the classic jams as he solidified the night’s overall theme with Madhouse. Insanity and hysteria bounced off the walls as hundreds of metal heads exercised their demons in a cathartic mosh pit of elation.

The forefathers of thrash showed no signs of slowing down as Belladonna rushed from coast to coast, successfully achieving a new level of intensity as each song progressed. Halfway through the performance, Ian thanked the crowd for their dedication and support on behalf of the band. Witnessing people release their inner pent-up emotions after two years of global displacement brought out the raw magnitude on the floor. Ian shared that the band has been selling out the Palladium since 1993, reminiscing about the crazy adventures their illustrious career has endured. Continuing their dominating performance, Anthrax channeled their inner judge, jury, and executioner as everyone present participated in I Am the Law.

Anarchy and disarray took a brief pause as Anthrax honored the legacies of Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, and while performing In the End. The heartfelt tribute shined a light on the pioneers of metal, acknowledging their contributions to the genre as a whole. Shifting back to a brawling atmosphere, the Tinsel Town magic provided a special appearance by Chuck D from Public Enemy, as they performed Bring the Noise to an already deafening audience. The encore surprised everyone, as the Los Angeles crowd sang along to every word.  Before signing off, Ian requested fans to prepare for the war dance. Fans slowly began to expand in preparation for havoc, as they played the closing song Indians culminating over ninety minutes of blissful hell on earth.  

Anthrax’s 40th-anniversary tour provided nonstop hard-hitting energy from start to finish. With eleven studio albums under their belts, they have cemented their legacy and displayed their longevity without any signs of slowing down. Adding further to their catalog, the band released Anthrax XL on July 15th, a Livestream concert album accompanied by a Blu-Ray. The performance celebrates their 40 years in music, filmed inside a Los Angeles soundstage the previous summer. The live performance features a complete track list of rarities from their glorious inventory, as well as fan favorites. The tour continues alongside Black Label Society and Hatebreed across the United States, concluding the five-week tour in Philadelphia on August 28th. 

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Among the Living

Caught in a Mosh


Metal Thrashing Mad

The Devil You Know

Keep It in the Family

Antisocial (Trust cover

I Am the Law

In the


Bring the Noise (Public cover) (with Chuck D)


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