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Derek Day

The last several years have seen an increase of players in the oft-mentioned rock resurgence.  Groups like Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH come to mind when thinking of this movement.  There is another rookie band out there who have been getting their playtime increased during what might be called their preseason.  Having recently been added to the list of performers on the upcoming tour with Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, is about to know what it means to be a rookie, starting on opening day.  On May 19th, at Parish Room in The House of Blues in Anaheim, they showed that they are an act that can play up a few classes.

Wrapping up a roughly two-month long string of dates in support of Dorothy and  sharing the bill with fellow Southern Californians Joyous Wolf, the quinary have been getting their reps in preparation for the regular season.  A quick Google search reveals that The Parish Room holds 250 people for a concert.  Although it seemed like more than that, it certainly doesn’t compare to the big room, which holds 1,700. In spite of playing on a stage that was little larger than a photo booth, delivered a performance akin to a rabid badger trying to escape a canvas bag.  In short, you’d be hard pressed to convince these guys that they weren’t already on The Stadium Tour.

Griffin Tucker

Those who were in attendance, might be wondering just how they hadn’t injured each other.  With guitar necks flying about, singer Derek Day intrepidly moves about the stage, dodging guitarist Griffin Tucker’s non-stop activity.  Tucker alternates between kicks, Eddie Van Halen-esque lean backs, and general physical emoting.  On the far right is guitarist Dane Pieper.  Pieper, being considerably larger than his brethren, while being no less active, commands a spot that may not be safe to enter as he whips his dreadlocks around.  Bassist Franco Gravante tends to stay at home and tend to his business, but that might be more out of self-preservation than lack of enthusiasm.  The only participant who seems to be above the fray is drummer Chuck McKissock, who maybe thankfully, has his kit, which acts as a barrier between himself and the hornets nest happening directly in eyeshot of him.

Although the set was eight songs, it seemed much shorter.  The group ran through a list of mostly original numbers, they did throw in a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Civil War, on which you might say, they stuck the landing.  Overall, this last tune up before heading for the big show was was a treat for the few hundred who witnessed it.  Their 40 minutes passed like a blur.  Although many there may not have been familiar with the music… yet, it is probably safe to say, those who were there, would most likely tell you, “These guys rock!”  So, if you weren’t able to catch in this intimate venue, you will soon have your chance to see them in a slightly less intimate setting.  If you are attending one of The Stadium Tour shows, get your money’s worth and show up early so you can catch this band on a stage that may just portend things to come.

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