Disciples Of Babylon Leads The Way At The Viper Room

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IMG_8543Thursday night,  April 28th, local band and graduates of Musicians Institute College Of Contemporary Music, The Disciples Of Babylon, turned the well known Hollywood, CA club The Viper Room into their own chapel of rock n’ roll. But, before they took the stage, a few other notable LA bands rocked the house. Sadly, a majority of the crowd didn’t pour in until Duranbah, another local band started their set. It was unfortunate for opening band Nevruary having the earliest slot. Perhaps on a weekend, more people would have come out to support local music.

Duranbah was a pleasant surprise and lead singer Lucas Bomeny was even comical in between songs trying to get the crowd to participate. Still, they were incredibly impressive and once everyone started to get with it, the level of energy on stage increased as well.

IMG_8468As The Disciples Of Babylon came out, lead singer Eric Knight encouraged everyone to head towards the stage where they started out with the announcement of the recent success they have been experiencing with their debut EP titled Welcome To Babylon. Accompanied by Ramon Blanco on lead guitar, Gui Bodi on bass guitar & backing vocals and newcomer Chris Toeller on drums, The Disciples of Babylon shredded through from the first chord in Civilized to the last chord in Without You, a new song they had just finished. Their performance exhibited energy and had an intimate feel to it. Blanco was on fire with stellar and electrifying guitar solos and fans really seemed to flood the stage as they chanted the lyrics to Karma and fell into a state of fascination with the band’s new song Lift. The most memorable moment was the band’s tribute to the late musical icon, Prince. As the first note of Purple Rain was started up by Blanco, the whole place was in a state of mourning as hands grooved in the air and Knight pulled off a perfect vocal performance that obviously had the entire band as well as everyone in the room sublimely happy and nostalgic about not only the song but the impact of Prince’s passing has had on each person individually. Prince would have been proud.

IMG_8621In light of all of the political happenings recently and the upcoming election, Knight felt it was only appropriate to address the inspiration behind their next song titled We Are The Ones. As he began to speak about how we are the people who this country belongs to and we have to be strong and unite, the mood changed once again and everyone was singing along with their fists in the air. Followed by a cover of Little Monster by Royal Blood and ending with The Great Pretend and one last new song titled Without You, the audience wasn’t ready for the show to end and loudly projected their support and appreciation for a strong performance.

Despite the fact that The Viper Room is notably small and therefore a band’s sound quality can seem almost overwhelming and too confined, The Disciples Of Babylon really shined through, and we would be curious to see how they sound in a more open forum where they can truly be heard in a less intrusive environment. At the end of it all, this was a night of local rock n’ roll to remember.

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