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’s Niko Gemini

Santa Ana, California had no idea what to expect when the Abominate the World Tour came to town on June 18, 2017.   (featuring Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former guitarist) have been rampaging through cities across the world in support of their new album, Doyle II: As We Die.  Hitting the road with on the North American leg of the tour are rock tyrants .  The combination of musical styles thrilled horror-punk and rock n’ roll fans alike.  When the two bands overran Malone’s Bar, no one was safe from abomination!

One characteristic that makes an excellent band is the ability to fit in well on any bill.  That is exactly what manages to accomplish with ease.  The band brought their unique blend of rock and metal to the stage with hits such as Too Many Freaks and Rise Above from their latest album Made From Fire;  they quickly won over the predominantly punk-rock crowd.  Guitarist Niko Gemini and bassist Derek Obscura amped up the energy with licks and riffs that were flawlessly executed on their respective instruments.  Drayven Davidson displays an unrivaled ferocity behind the drums, and was seen only as a blur behind his kit.  These elements combined with Davey Suicide’s melodic yet gritty voice make this a perfect storm of musicians that left fans Dancing with the Reaper.  Each member of the band transforms into a unique character on stage, and their makeup combined with customized clothing contributed to a memorable performance.

’s Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

As Doyle approached the stage at Malone’s, the room was filled with screams, howls and cheers.  Fans eagerly pushed themselves toward the stage, wishing to get as close to the Monster Man as possible.  When the band began to play their single Abominator from their first studio album of the same name, the center of the bar erupted into a circle pit.  Alex “Wolfman” Story had an incomparable stage presence with endless charisma as he belted out songs that included Beast Like Me, Learn to Bleed and God of Flies.  Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s hard-hitting guitar riffs electrified the audience as he thrashed and stomped around on stage.  Brandon Strate held down the rhythm on bass, while managing to be just as lively as his counterparts.  Due to scheduling conflicts with Ho99o9, Brandon Pertzborn could not join Doyle on the Abominate the World Tour.  However, Wade Murff stepped up to the plate to fill in on drums, and he never missed a beat.  As the band moved through their set, each song was met with a positive response from the audience, showing that the legacy will live on through Doyle as long as he chooses to keep making music.

Doyle’s Alex “Wolfman” Story

The people of Santa Ana asked for a night of rock and metal, and the Abominate the World Tour delivered beyond their expectations.  Davey Suicide took the stage to prepare the patrons for abomination, and left a lasting mark on those who were lucky enough to watch their set.  Doyle annihilated the venue, and gave their fans a show like nothing they had ever witnessed.  These two titans of rock continue to decimate the cities they visit, and in each one, the people cannot get enough. This is a show that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated!

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Doyle is:
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein- Guitar
Alex “Wolfman” Story- Vocals
Brandon Strate- Bass and backing vocals
Wade Murff- Drums (tour)

Connect with Doyle:

Davey Suicide is:
Davey Suicide- Vocals
Niko Gemini- Guitar
Derek Obscura- Bass
Drayven Davidson- Drums

Connect with Davey Suicide:

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