EVANESCENCE Live! – At The Greek

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As the release of their fourth studio album titled Synthesis approaches, ’s lead singer Amy Lee took to the stage at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on October 15, 2017.  Accompanied by a 20 piece orchestra conducted by Susie Seiter and album producer Will Hunt brought to life the dramatic tangibility of classic songs and debuted new songs featured on Synthesis.

Lee entered the stage in a gorgeous green gown designed by Les Habitables that accentuated her porcelain skin and trademark long black hair and the sold out crowd jumped to their feet to welcome her. Beginning with Overture which is the first track on the new album featuring Lee’s masterful piano playing and passionate yet powerful vocals and leading into Never Go Back from their 2011 self titled album in juxtaposition with the orchestra, formulating the tone for the entire show. Adding to the build up and theatrics was the world of color lighting in the background that held the attention of every person in the audience.

Lee proved her ability to capture an audience with genuine empathy and love for each of her songs as a story seemed to unfold as the show went on. As an audience member consistently yelled out “I love you” to Amy throughout the show she smiled and kept composed. Lee’s voice had the dynamism of an Angel as it seemed to grow and gel more and more as the show went on and aside from the fact that the heavy rock element was not present during this concert, the intensity from the orchestra was a welcomed switch considering the elements have always been somewhat present within ’s songs.

Fan favorite Bring Me To Life from ’s first album was transformed from a duet that originally featured Paul McCoy of the band 12 Stones into an awe-inspiring solo where Lee’s voice continued to propel beyond expectations. While the operatic Your Star wasn’t a stand out track on The Open Door it was re-born into new light and will be remembered.

As Lee thanked everyone from the bottom of her heart for coming to the show, the feeling was mutual gathering from the audience’s reactions throughout the evening, she also gave back stories prior to the start of the songs as they each hold a special place in her heart. Imperfection which is a new song featured on Synthesis inspired by the loss of people recently due to suicide and depression is sung from the perspective of the people left behind who have to live with the loss. The song’s honest lyrics and funky sound was a nice surprise and Lee proved how much she has grown as an artist and person. This is sure to be a favorite among the new tracks on the album as it was a hit at the show.

All in all, the night was one to remember and Amy Lee truly gave of her talents selflessly, not faltering as some singers do as the show goes on during her 15 song set and an encore featuring new song Speak To Me and classics Good Enough and Swimming Home. Lee made sure everyone felt the connection directly and enjoyed themselves. Amy Lee proved tonight that classical music can attract even the most rock devoted fan. “This is the first time we have played an entire album live that hasn’t been released yet” Lee expressed along with her gratitude to everyone for being there.

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Set List
Never Go Back
End Of The Dream
My Heart Is Broken
Bring Me to Life
Unraveling (interlude)
Secret Door
Lost In Paradise
Your Star
My Immortal
The In-Between

Speak To Me
Good Enough
Swimming Home



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