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The two-time, GRAMMY® Award-winning group will be performing in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 15 at The Greek Theatre. The forthcoming “Synthesis Live” tour will be a striking spectacle, featuring performing embedded within a full, live orchestra. Listen to the first single and new song “Imperfection” (here) and pre-order the new album SYNTHESIS (here).

–lead singer-songwriter and pianist AMY LEE, bassist TIM MCCORD, drummer WILL HUNT, lead guitarist/backing vocalist TROY MCLAWHORN and guitarist JEN MAJURA–will return with SYNTHESIS, their fourth and most ambitious album to date, set for a November 10th release. Not simply a “greatest hits” album, SYNTHESIS takes a selection of EVANESCENCE’s three previous studio releases along with two new songs–the first single “Imperfection” and “Hi-Lo,” the latter of which includes a guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling–and reimagines them as brand-new recordings. Listen to “Bring Me To Life” (here).

Living up to its name, SYNTHESIS is a combination of organic and synthesized sounds featuring LEE’s virtuoso singing and piano playing, supported by her band, a full symphony orchestra performing arrangements by long-time collaborator David Campbell as well as an array of electronic music programming and effects engineered by co-producer Will Hunt & programmer/mixer Damian Taylor, known for his work with Björk, The Killers & Arcade Fire, among others. 

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