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During a test of the camera system at the was unexpectedly asked to perform their new album “From Vegas With Blood” on the venue’s livestream. The received 10,000 views and climbing. You can watch the video HERE.

Lead singer Hannah grew in Hollywood, and worked as a Lighting Tech at A Go Go. This is where she met guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd and the duo formed FIRA. On Jan. 19th, 2021, asked them to out with a test of the new camera system by playing a few songs on stage while they checked how it looked with a on camera. At the last moment (on the way to the venue) was asked if they would be willing to broadcast it on ’s livestream. Always for adventure, the duo agreed and rocked the house with their recently released album “From Vegas With Blood.”


About FIRA: 

is a popular -inspired musical duo who’ve created an original blend of and music around a fantasy storyline. The is made of the talented frontwoman Hannah and exceptional guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd.  Their debut album, “From Vegas With Blood,”  released in November 2020, and includes songs such as “Endless Night,” “Vegas in Space,” and “.” The is written with a plot that follows the characters “Fira” and “Vette” as they set off on an adventure to save their realm.  is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the music scene. The is continually growing their following in the and communities. It can truly be said that is “made of music and fire!” 


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