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Jack Russell

celebrated the holidays in style on Saturday, Dec. 2, with their first annual Frontier’s Rock Holiday Bash at the Canyon Club in Agoura, CA.  The celebratory night featuring with the reunion of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis, , Jack Russell’s Great White and , hosted by (VH1, SiriusXM) brought all these bands together in one night to perform their much-loved classics and introduce brand-new songs.

A testament to nostalgia the Canyon Club was filled to capacity Saturday night with fans of all ages. Guests arrived early and stayed late, taking part in VIP meet and greets, and enjoying a full course meal at their reserved tables.

Introduced by , who returns to TV in 2018 with his new show Trunkfest, The , featuring Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, opened the show. The were founded in 1989 during the peak of hair metal but they stayed true to their blues-rock roots avoiding the metal genre altogether. The , reuniting after a 13 year absence, were there to promote their 5th album California, released in July of this year — great news for their fans.  The feature Rob Lamonte (vocals, guitars), Nick Brophy (bass, vocals), Vivian Campbell (lead guitar/vocals) and Marc Danzeisen (drums, vocals).

’s Robert Mason

After 30 years the band is still going strong. Having just released their 9th album, Louder, Harder, Faster and continuing to tour, their set was filled with new and old songs. Fans enjoyed hearing Cherry Pie, Heaven, and Down Boys to name a few and a new rock anthem Louder, Harder, Faster already had audience members singing along. The band consists of ex-Lynch Mob vocalist, Robert Mason, Erik Turner (guitar, vocals), Jerry Dixon (bass, vocals), Steven Sweet (drums, vocals) and Joey Allen (guitar).  

The founding member of Great White, Jack Russell has been through some hard times throughout his career, one of which was the deadly Station nightclub fire in 2003 and Russell’s well-publicized addiction to drugs and alcohol after injuring his back from a fall in 2009. Those days are all behind him. When Russell hit the stage Saturday night it was 1985 again. He sang all the classic Great White songs notably, Once Bitten, Twice Shy and songs off their new album He Saw it Comin’.  The members of the band include Jack Russell, Tony Montana (guitar), Robby Lochner (guitar), Dicki Fliszar (bass) and Dan McNay (drums).

’ Johnny Martin & Phil Lewis

The much anticipated reunion of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis came around midnight. Expectations were high, after all, it’s been many years since the front man and guitarist played on stage together, but it was clear, once they hit the stage, was indeed back. They performed The Devil Made Me Do It and Speed off their new album The Missing Peace, released in October of this year.  Along with Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns were Michael Grant (guitar), Johnny Martin (bass, vocals), and Shane Fitzgibbon (drums).

It was a great night of music and fun with a trip down memory lane and look into the future of rock.   has their pulse on this brand of music and it certainly hit home with the fans that were in rousing support throughout the night.

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