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Trivium’s Matt Heafy

Iron Maiden continued their mammoth Legacy Of The Beast World Tour with two stops in Anaheim at The Honda Center.  The second of those dates was on Thursday, September 22nd.  Having presumably been interrupted by the events of 2020-2021, the metal pioneers continue to spread their brand of theatrical metal amongst the masses.  You don’t hear of rock or metal acts selling out multiple nights at a large venue much anymore.  With very few exceptions, a one-night stand is typically it for this genre.  This is a testament to Maiden’s staying power, as well as to their popularity amongst their fan base.  Regardless as to what you attribute it, the arena was abuzz for this show.

Opening on this leg is Orlando, Florida-based, metal veterans Trivium.  The four man band hits the stage right around the scheduled time of 7:30 pm.  They meet the half-full arena with an onslaught of thumping metal core tune after another.  Matt Heafy, the band’s vocalist and one of its guitarists, stands center stage belting out angry vocals, with an occasional growl mixed in. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto wanders about the stage inciting the crowd to some kind of participation.  Lead guitarist mostly stays near his pedals at the left of the stage, but ventures out on occasion to visit the folks on the other side of the hall.  Alex Bent is difficult to see behind his rather large drum kit, but not hard to hear.  Doing what they were supposed to do, charge up the swelling crowd with a 45 minute set of high energy, loud music, their mission was most definitely accomplished.

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson

By ten minutes to showtime for the headliner, the floor has filled and the seats in all levels are occupied.  People have come from as far away as Chile to be present, and they have the banner to prove it.  That serves to illustrate the purely worldwide appeal that Maiden still possess.  With the stage dark and the houselights dimmed, the PA blasts out UFO’s Doctor Doctor as a prelude to the impending rock chaos about to ensue.  When the song is completed, the darkness is shattered by the stage lights illuminating a backdrop of a Japanese temple and the four guitar slingers moving to the front of the stage to greet the faithful with emphatic grimaces.  Founder and driving force behind the band, Steve Harris, treats the Maiden-ites to his patented Captain Morgan with a machine gun.  This is not only expected, but excites the crowd nonetheless.  It would be like Pete Townshend not doing the windmill.  Vocalist Bruce Dickinson appears in ninja inspired garb, appropriately accompanying the first two numbers.  The opening salvo of the evening are both from their latest release, Senjutsu.  First the title track followed by Stratego.  

The stage set would go through many transformations with the backdrop changing to fit the current song.  Most times Dickinson’s costuming would change to visually tell the story. There would be a raven face mask, he would don a flamethrower to accentuate the vocal during Flight Of Icarus, and a British military red coat for The Trooper.  Of course there are a few appearances of “Eddie,” a 12 foot tall personification of their brand.  First during the opening as a ninja and then again for the first encore tune, The Trooper as a

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris

British soldier.  Each time he appears he is wielding a character appropriate sword.  This is fitting, considering Dickinson’s skills in fencing.  The band isn’t as active on stage as they may have been 20 or more years ago, but still find moments to cross the stage and occupy the front edge of the stage, sometimes alone, and other times as a group.  Janick Gers, one of the three guitarists, resides on the right side of the stage, and is a contradiction to the others.  He dances and prances around, lifts and rests his foot on a four-foot tall monitor, sometimes repeatedly approaching and kicking said monitor.  One thing is for sure, Gers, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray, form a trio of perfectly woven guitar riffs and solos throughout the show.  Nikko McBrain is as solid as ever on the skins, although, aside from the occasional spot on the video screen, you’d be hard pressed to prove he is really there.  Perched behind a battery of large rack-toms, he is almost impossible to see, but equally as impossible not to hear.

Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray & Adrian Smith

The Legacy Of The Beast World Tour continues through October 27th, concluding in Tampa, Florida.  Based on this evening’s performance, there is good reason to head out to a show and see these guys perform.  One gets the impression that Iron Maiden delivers each and every night.  So, if you are looking for a nostalgic trip to your youth, or if you have followed the band through its entire career, this tour will at a minimum have moments of delight, up to and including two hours of sheer ecstasy for the truly devoted.  Whether its musicianship or pure entertainment value you seek, Iron Maiden can provide it.

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