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The return of Slipknot has been highly anticipated for the better part of three years with everybody wondering if and when they would come back. However, in the past few months Slipknot has been teasing a new album titled We Are Not Your Kind and have dropped three killer singles that have once again exceeded standards. With new masks, new material and a completely revamped stage show, Slipknot has embarked on their North American Knotfest Roadshow extravaganza that promises to defy the odds on what they as a band can accomplish.

Going back to their former stomping grounds at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, Slipknot brings the tour to Southern California with supporting acts Behemoth, Gojira, and Volbeat. As soon as the fans began to enter the venue the anticipation was through the metaphorical roof and the energy was as high as ever, as it is only their second show back in the United States in more than three years. It didn’t take long for the enormous crowd to come together waiting for the comeback of the almighty Slipknot.

It was about 5:30 P.M. when the lights of the stage went dark and polish metal legends Behemoth emerged upon the stage. For Behemoth to be the opening act just proved how big this show really was as they sell out huge venues with ease. They opened with the ominous Solve and then went straight into the ripping Wolves of Siberia starting the night off with a huge bang. The overwhelming stage presence of Behemoth never ceases to impress as they always come with a purpose. Rocking their signature makeup and halloween-esq theme, they crushed through a powerful eight song set. For a band that has been doing this since the early 1990’s they are still as dominant as ever.


Gojira seems to be cementing their place in the heavy metal community as they’ve been around for quite some time and just seem to be getter bigger and bigger. Every time they perform they come with such intensity that people have wondered whether or not the headliner (when it’s not them) will be able to compare. They had the second largest crowd of the night busting out the big guns with tracks like Stranded, Flying Whales and Vacuity.  The power these guys bring when they perform does not disappoint in the slightest. With their heavy riffs and intense vocals, they were able to capitalize on the vibe coming from the fans in an authoritative way.  The view from the top of San Manuel Amphitheater’s lawn was a sight to see. There were people all the way at the back of the venue without much space as everyone in the place wanted to see them perform. With at least ten massive circle pits going from the front to the back, it was like ten mini tornadoes all touching down at once. The band once again left a lasting impression as an opening act and warmed the crowd up perfectly for Volbeat and Slipknot.


What can one say about Volbeat that hasn’t already been said? They’re nothing short of spectacular every time they perform. Although they aren’t as “heavy” as the other bands on the bill they bring a style of metal and stage performance that is simple and raw. Rather than focus on huge productions, this band always comes to bring some heat. They have opened for Slipknot many times in the past and it’s almost a perfect combination every time as it’s a constant party in the pit when they play. Everyone has fun. They opened with one of their biggest hits The Devil’s Bleeding Crown and the place erupted. Afterwards launching into a slew of hits from their repertoire such as Leviathan, Slaytan, and Still Counting.  Their set from start to finish was pure rock n’ roll. They are one of the tightest and finely-tuned bands that one will ever see live. Slipknot should make the smart move and continue to bring them on tour as they offer the perfect segue to any headlining act.


After a three year hiatus the anticipation for the return of the 9 is as high as ever. A huge banner labeled Slipknot was dropped hiding the secrets that were about to be revealed on stage. At about 9:30 the lights dropped and the sample (515) which is off of their sophomore record Iowa began to play. They let the tension rise for a solid 10 minutes before dropping the curtain going straight into their mega hit, People=Shit. It was like a surge of energy coming from the pit as the entire crowd rushed forward a solid 20 feet within 5 seconds of the band beginning to play. The stage setup was massive with the two percussion tables mounted on 20 foot tall high risers on the left and right of the stage. The sold out venue exploded like an Atom bomb and Slipknot proved within seconds that they are still prominent and heavy as ever. At one point, the crowd got so rowdy about three songs in that Corey Taylor was forced to stop the show. Shouting “Everyone needs to back the F#$K up” and “Nobody is getting hurt on my watch,” as people at the very front were being crushed and could not get out. Luckily, everyone obliged and the situation was able to be successfully taken care of with no major injuries. Major props to Taylor for taking control of the situation as a lot of people could have been hurt.


Their setlist consisted of everything an old or new Slipknot fan would want to hear. Playing songs spanning their entire career such as SIC, Before I Forget, Psychosocial, and Custer. It was a perfect mix of old and new music leaving nobody disappointed. They also played two new songs Unsainted and All Out Life, both of which showed they still have what it takes to create solid material that all fans can latch onto. The new percussionist was also a great addition as his stage performance and background vocals perfectly matched the attitude of the band. Slipknot didn’t pull any punches in their return to the stage and will without a doubt continue to be a dominant presence for years to come.

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Slipknot Setlist:


For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC song)


  1. People = Shit
  2. (SIC)
  3. Get This
  4. Unsainted
  5. Disasterpiece
  6. Before I forget
  7. The Heretic Anthem
  8. Phsychosocial
  9. The Devil in I
  10. Prosthetics
  11. Vermillion
  12. Custer
  13. Sulfer
  14. All Out Life
  15. Duality


  1. Spit It Out
  2. Surfacing


‘Till We Die

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