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Screamer Magazine, has been at the forefront of music journalism since 1987. As a publication, we strive to provide the best possible journalistic coverage of the entire rock music scene, both locally and internationally. Whether it is artist interviews, album and book reviews, press releases or live music coverage, we make it our mission to give the best objective, as well as interesting coverage. A large part of that is through the coverage of live music events.

As the return of live music is upon us, there is a disturbing trend of requiring proof of COVID vaccination status to gain entry to live events. We believe that the decision to be vaccinated or not is a very personal one between each individual and their families and care providers. As a result, we also believe that requiring people to provide proof of a vaccination, or the receipt of any other medicine or medical procedure is a violation of their constitutional rights, as well as a direct violation of HIPAA laws.

With two music icons, Van Morrison and Eric Clapton publicly coming out against playing shows where proof of vaccination is required, we believe we are in good company in our belief. Our stance is simply this, Screamer Magazine will only cover live events where proof of vaccination is not required as a matter of gaining entry to the show. We hold this view not to be exclusive, but to honor the time tested tradition of rock music, by being inclusive. The wearing of masks and social distancing if required will be adhered to, but regardless of the status of our contributor, we wish to participate in an all-inclusive environment.

We hope that venues, promoters and others will see the value in this position and reconsider their need to exclude certain individuals from their events, simply because they do not wish to take a vaccine.


David F. Castagno

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  1. Thank you for being a brave voice stating what apparently a lot have forgotten or have never learned. Its important to never sway from what keeps this country the one people come to in order to escape persecution and gain freedom.

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