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The Fonda Theatre (Formerly known as the Henry Fonda Theatre and Music Box)  in Los Angeles is one of Hollywood’s most historic entertainment venues. During the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s The Fonda Theatre earned a reputation for quality and diversity and while times have changed and many concert venues have closed over the years, they are still a big part of the evolution of the entertainment industry. YouTube sensation turned nu-metal artist Poppy brought a variety of fans together from goths to metalheads to everyone in between for her I Disagree Tour on Friday, February 21st proving that no matter what genre of music you like, there is a way to juxtapose them and create something spectacular. Poppy is as diverse and unpredictable as it gets and she is taking the world by storm.

Poppy entered the stage and stood on a platform facing a mirror in a white leotard with pink and yellow ruffles and ballet shoes.  While she may have resembled an elegant ballerina, your perception was challenged the moment the siren started and she opened her mouth for the opening line of her song Concrete. “Bury me six feet deep, bury me six feet deep, cover me in concrete, turn me into a street” she whispered as thrashing guitars echoed throughout the sold out venue. There was no lull or awkward silence between songs as Poppy and her band pushed through each song quickly and the immersive energy that Poppy was putting out to the crowd came back to her tenfold. BLOODMONEY expressed the extreme hypocrisy in the world emerging with a beautiful harmony Poppy posed the question “what do you believe when everyone is watching and what do you believe when no one is watching” that quickly spiraled into a fit of rage, Poppy shouted “Keep telling yourself that you’ve been playing nice then go beg for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ” as she reverted back to a softer harmony moving from center stage back to the mirror.

Poppy mesmerized the audience during Fill The Crown with her robot-like moves and the infusion of EDM, synth-pop and metal that fuel this mega hit. Before you could consider this an all out metal show, she threw a curveball and performed one of her pre-metal songs Am I A Girl. Somehow the rockers in the crowd were just as entertained as they would be during a progressive guitar solo. Throughout the show Poppy stuck to the same few dance moves and occasionally made her way back up to the platform in front of the mirror again. Her captivating presence didn’t allow listeners to slow down on their enthusiasm. Anything Like Me channeled a Marilyn Manson vibe with a hint of Maria Brink (In This Moment) when Poppy nailed the screamo vocals as deep emotions took over and projected outward. Her cover of Tatu’s All The Things She Said was a pleasant surprise and really proved the level of talent Poppy has as a vocalist.

After slowing things down with Sick Of The Sun and Don’t Go Outside, she and her band exited the stage and as everything went dark. For roughly six minutes, the crowd chanted “Poppy” and began reciting the lyrics to Concrete at a deafening level followed by more chanting. Finally, Poppy and her band came back out for an encore and finished the show out with Bite Your Own Teeth and the title track to her album I Disagree. It’s clear that Poppy has developed a solid fan base that will follow her in anything she does. For those expecting a typical metal show, you may be disappointed. But, for those who are multi-genre music fans and enjoy unique and versatile sounds, this was a night to remember. Going in, it was unclear if Poppy’s show would veer beyond her new album or if she would have enough music to keep the metal crowd or even fans of her pre-metal music interested, but she managed to incorporate everything masterfully. Poppy’s show was full of energy, surprise and a must-see.

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Poppy is currently touring the UK and Europe to conclude her headlining tour and will join the Deftones this summer. For more information and tickets, please visit: https://www.impoppy.com/?fbclid=IwAR3dQD_vDVosvopcGD5Bp1AFvzlEv3Vgo3xj1OjRUmLxzAMAw7JddyW6NM8


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