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Warrant’s Robert Mason

On Saturday, May 20th, Warrant made a stop at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.  Barely a week after the release of their latest album, Louder Harder Faster, this show closed out their May tour dates.  Touring resumes in early June and they will be on the road through the end of summer, with a few fall dates on the books.

Templeton, California’s Rusted Stone, a hard-edged rock trio, provides the initial warm up set.  Led by vocalist and guitarist Shawn Logan, Rusted Stone delivers a set of straight forward, 70’s inspired rock and roll.  David Sigler, drums and Keith Lykens, bass make up the rhythm section.  Logan implores the crowd to have a good time with the lyrics to Drink it Up.

Canyon Club regulars Evolution Eden, out of the Bay Area do a solid job of warming up the growing crowd.  Their brand of late 70’s/early 80’s radio rock is well suited for greasing the wheels for an audience of 40 to 50 years olds.  Evolution Eden is fronted in tandem by Brandon Owen, lead guitar and Mike Pappas, rhythm guitar, with both providing lead vocals.  Andy Hewett, bass and Jim Bove, drums round out the bottom, beat and vocal harmonies.  An eight song set accentuated by Falling in Love by the Radio Light and Rules Were Made for Breaking ends with standing room less available and a crowd ready for the headliners.

Warrant’s Joey Allen

Warrant hits the stage right on time, with the majority of their classic lineup.  They open the set with Down Boys which immediately grabs the attention of the concert goers.  Twin lead guitar from Erik Turner, wearing a dead man hat and Joey Allen are in good form as they embark on a journey through all the Warrant hits.  Jerry Dixon on bass traverses the stage, playing to the entire room in between bouts of providing backing vocals.  They play a few more songs off their debut album, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, including the title track.

Vocalist and guitarist Robert Mason shares the stage with just Allen on the intro to Heaven. The rest of the group, including Steven Sweet, drums and backing vocals retake the stage and nail the power ballad.  Mason, who fulfills the role of lead singer, master mic stand twirler and general crowd inciter keeps the fans engaged throughout the show.  Mason charms the normally subdued Canyon crowd to their feet, alluding to the tables in front of the stage stating, “this seems a little bit like dinner theater to me.”

Warrant treats the crowd to the title track of their new album, Louder Harder Faster. A throwback style pop-metal anthem, with a blistering guitar solo about, well you guessed it, a lifestyle of going louder, harder and faster is well received by the spectators.  The evening finishes up with two favorites.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin has the horde begging for more.  Mason prepares the participants for assisting with the chorus of Cherry Pie.  They respond and it is a rousing finale to a set with no encore.  They hit it and quit it, with a performance that sounds great and delivers on what the people came to hear.

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