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ARE BACK! (vocals, guitars), Nick Brophy (bass, vocals) and (lead guitar), Marc Danzeisen, have reunited to record their fifth album, ”. The album is available today via Frontiers Music Srl.

Guitarist/Vocalist had the following to say regarding ’s” Release:

“The opportunity to write and record again with Nick, Viv and Marc is a dream come true. Better, actually. The only way we could have made a record we feel this good about was to stand in room together, guitars in hand… and play. We played, we turned up the volume, we jammed out, we drank coffee and ate Mexican food every day for a week. And then we did it again. 12 songs! We found a big room to record drums in and Marc did his Marc drum thing. We walked through Hollywood in the early mornings, talked to people on the street, drank more coffee. We camped out in a great little studio tucked away on a side street to record Viv’s guitars. Viv played on some amazing level of musical magic and got his parts recorded in 4 days. Nick and I then recorded his bass, plus my guitars and vocals in Nashville a few weeks later. Boom! Done.

We are so grateful to Frontiers Music Srl for allowing us to make something special for ourselves, for our friends and families… and for our loyal listeners who have been with us for decades!”

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Watch the video for “American Dream” HERE.

Watch Exclusive Live Acoustic Performances below:

 “Something Inside”

 “Welcome To The New Disaster”

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