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Eight years ago, dropped his debut solo record solidifying him as one of the most influential rock and roll guitar players in the business. With that, came the culmination of the star filled ensemble, : Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Proving themselves as a solid group over the good part of the last decade has made the anticipation for their junior album and tour even greater. Three albums and numerous tours later, they are back with a brand new album, Living the Dream which was released on September 21st, with a full North American tour in promotion of its release. To kick everything off they decided to bring it back to their original stopping grounds; the legendary Whisky a Go-Go in the heart of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

The night began with an absolutely incredible performance by local Los Angeles legends . They opened for at the Whisky when they filmed their live DVD in 2014; therefore it was only natural for them to kick off the tour at the same spot, four years later. The set was incredible and a perfect opening act for a sold out hometown show. They capture the old school rock n’ roll sound with a new age tone that is sure to excite fans of the genre. The stage performance was nothing short of intense and energetic and there is no doubt will continue to be a rising influence in the music scene.

Myles Kennedy

The room was completely filled and there was not a single inch of floor space to give up. As Slash came down the stairs from the dressing room the energy was pulsating at a frequency that could be compared to a show at the Forum. Without hesitation the boys ripped into Avalon, which was the perfect opening track to set the tone for the set. Slash and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) immediately took the forefront and encompassed the crowd. You could tell that this five-piece continues to find their groove and were here to establish a presence. It truly sounded like there were thousands of people in the place. Everyone knew this was a show specifically for the die-hard fans and it was very apparent that Slash has successfully re-immersed the world in true rock n’ roll music. 

In their mind-blowing two hour long set, Slash hasn’t slowed down a bit with his ripping guitar solos and capability with his classic Gibson guitars. And a personal opinion, being a Slash fan for many years, his guitar tone is the best it’s ever been. That, along with Kennedy’s impressive vocal range, the two prove they are definitely a duo that will continue to make an impression on the scene.  The backbone of the band, consisting of bassist Todd “Dammit” Kerns, drummer Brent Fintz, and rhythm guitarist Frank Sidoris kept the groove going all night and didn’t miss a beat. It’s very rare to find a band this solid.


The set consisted of a lot of the best songs in their repertoire such as Ghost, World on Fire and Starlight as well as a brand new track Driving Rain. Oh, and of course a Guns N’ Roses classic, Rocket Queen which Slash soloed over for a solid 10 minutes. I know for a fact everyone would have had no issues if he went on longer.

A natural highlight of the night was when Todd “Dammit” Kerns got the opportunity to show off his vocal abilities in a hit from their debut album, Doctor Alibi, which was a collaboration between the late Lemmy Kilmister and Slash that continues to frequently play on radio stations across the country. Its been a permanent song in their sets over the better part of a decade; being one of the most fun and energetic songs from these guys, the crowd was basically in frenzy and the energy could be felt all the way down the Sunset Strip.

Obviously Slash, Myles, and the Conspirators could sell out huge arenas, however sticking to their roots and opening the tour with a show at the world famous Whisky a Go-Go was the perfect way to kick things off. The energy in the room was reminiscent of the old school West Hollywood. Nobody was left unpleased and anyone lucky enough to catch this sold out show will have a memory of a lifetime. Nothing beats an intimate show like this with straight up, unforgiving, kick ass Rock n’ Roll.

With their new record Living the Dream and a full U.S. tour on the way, there is no better time for fresh Slash tunes. Slash: Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is a solid and dynamic five-piece that will surely continue to grow, expand and conquer whatever it is they set out to do as they truly kick too much ass to not be recognized. 

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Set List



Standing in the Sun


Back From Cali

Wicked Stone

Mind Your Manners

Bent to Fly

You’re a Lie

Savage Sun

The Dissident

Dr. Alibi

My Antidote

Rocket Queen


Serve Your Right

Driving Rain

World on Fire


Call of the Wild



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