THE STRUTS – Tour De California Live! at House Of Blues

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Jed Elliott

If you were to take a stroll through Disneyland on any given day, you would encounter the most diverse group of people anywhere in the world.  Young, old, tall, short, thin, fat (or weight challenged for you sensitive type).  People of virtually every race, creed and color.  It’s a place where folks from all walks of life, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds gather with one common goal, to enjoy The Happiest Place On Earth.

In the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, a mere few hundred yards away lies perhaps the second happiest place on earth, at least it was on the evening on February 29, 2020.  The House of Blues – Anaheim played host to , Derby England’s answer to sliced bread, in the second of a four date run on their Tour De California, sponsored by Harley Davidson motorcycles.  And not unlike Walt’s wonderful world, , Luke Spiller (vocals, Piano), Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums) have garnered one of the most devoted and diverse fanbases in music today, affectionately known as The Strutters.  This group of crazy, beautiful people began lining up at 11:30 am—just about 10 hours before showtime.  Fans like Abby, a 21 year old Struts aficionado drove nearly 80 miles with her kid sister to see the band “again” and held a spot for their mom who would arrive later in the evening with a change of clothes for the girls—naturally.  Rex, a crazy, loveable mofo of a character came from Mississippi for a night with the young and dangerous and a demure 28 year old pharmacist from El Paso, Texas flew into town just to see her favorite band.  Mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins and red-headed step children all lined the walkway anxiously awaiting entry.

Luke Spiller

At 9:15 the lights went down and the ocean of humanity roared to life with the power and intensity of a tidal wave, rolling, crashing, thundering.  Deafening screams filled the air as the band—seemingly shot out of a cannon—launched into Primadonna Like Me, the crowd jumped up and down in unison with Spiller singing along, “Do ya wanna? Do, do ya wanna, be a primadonna like me tonight?”  But before the crowd could even catch their breath, Slack and Elliott quickly veered into Body Talks, both tracks from 2018’s Young & Dangerous.  Spiller, an amalgamation of Mercury, Jagger, Bowie and any other “flamboyant” frontman you can think of, works the stage with the greatest of ease and plays the crowd like a Stradivarius.  His exaggerated moves, gyrations and…well…strutting holds his audience’s attention, while his calls to action are obediently adhered to by the 2000+ shoulder-to-shoulder fervent fans packed into House Of Blues.  While it’s clear Spiller is the main attraction, his bandmates are no slouches, musically nor theatrically.  Their stylistic versatility and complimentary backing vocals are a large part of the band’s signature sound, particularly on In Love With A Camera, where Spiller climbs the ladder to hit that falsetto chorus.  The entire group performs with an intense level of energy, Davies bangs the hell out of his five-piece and is a blast to watch, Slack and Elliott play to the crowd, striking a pose here and there, all while not trying to upstage one another. 

Adam Slack

The band is currently working on new music, but haven’t committed to a full length album just yet, but treated the crowd to a couple new songs, including an acoustic number called Low Key, where Spiller had the audience singing along as if they’d heard it a hundred times before.  The 15+ song set included Fire, One Night Only, Dirty Sexy Money, Put Your Money On Me, a Tatler Magazine medley and closed with Where Did She Go?  But if you thought this crowd was gonna let “go” you’d be mistaken.  After a cacophony screams, claps, stomps, whistles and cheers, the band re-emerged, with Spiller taking his place in the spotlight at the piano, for the first of their three song encore.  As soon as he began the intro to Somebody New, the crowd swayed side to side in unison, rock n’ roll’s version of the wave and sang every word of the chorus, perhaps even louder than Spiller himself.  Next was Ashes (Part 2), a Queen-inspired power ballad where Spiller’s vocal prowess is brilliantly showcased.  Closing the show (for real this time) was Could Have Been Me, a song that aptly sums up the essence of The Struts, a live life to the fullest, failure is not an option, success at all cost philosophy, that truly makes them young and dangerous.  

CLICK HERE to view more pics from the show.

73 thoughts on “THE STRUTS – Tour De California Live! at House Of Blues

  1. Amazing show Luke had us on the palm of his hand. Can’t get enough of this modern day Dandy. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!❤️ Best thing… Luke Spiller handed over the set list to Abby’s little sister Ella, who was at the rail singing her heart out thanks to Rex, of course, he is always looking out for us.

  2. Great article! It perfectly captures the experience I’ve had at every Struts show! Not once have they ever disappointed, no matter the size of the crowd or the venue they always put on a high energy, full throttle performance!

  3. I love this band! Not only are they an amazing band they are amazing human beings. They never disappoint and you won’t be able to say you didn’t have fun. I can’t wait to see them again and again!

  4. THESE are a great bunch of guys. Adam even made my wife cry when he did an acoustic version, with vocals, of Ashes (Part 2). She’s a fangirl, and I think they’re class-act too.

  5. 6Rock and toll and fun. What more can you ask for. Love The Struts and cannot wait to see them again In June and introduce them to my daughter and granddaughters.

  6. I don’t know what it is about this band, but I never get tired of listening to them. I’m looking forward to the upcoming tour and especially the East Coast dates.

  7. Music is the language of LOVE and these guys are spreading it all over the world, expecially when we need it the most right now. They rock, don’t sell yourself short and pass up a show when they touch down in your town… you will not regret it! They will rock you ! Great article!

  8. Absolutely fabulous band!!! They are so energetic and amazing at getting the crowd involved! LOVE them! Super nice if you are lucky enough to meet them, too!

  9. Love The Struts and this review was fantastic! Thanks for capturing their essence and style so perfectly; you did the band and their fans justice with this article.

  10. I absolutely love The Struts! Thank you for doing a fantastic job capturing their essence so perfectly in your review. They are truly a must-see band.

  11. Absolutely LOVED. IT. Every show they perform gets better by each one, they never EVER disappoint, I can never get enough of them!! Please do listen to all their music, it is enchanting!

  12. I remember hearing them for the first time! I was IMMEDIATELY Hooked!!! Everything is so studio now-a-days, but I could tell these guys were the real deal! True talent! & they were just what my Glam Rock heart had been searching for!! Was finally able to see them for the first time at Innings Festival in Tempe AZ. Let me just say, I have been on a Major High of them every since!!! & a fan girl was born Haha!! Their show was a Powerhouse of Amazing Energy & Music! I’m in Love!! Keep it up guys! You’re doing it right!!!!

  13. My favorite band now for almost 5 years! I’ve been to many live shows, so many different bands, The Struts blow every one of them away!

  14. I’ve been a huge fan for a while now. They bring such a refreshing twist to modern music. Love them, and seeing them in South Dakota.

    • Lucky you! I thought of hopping on the bike and hitting all 4 shows, unfortunately time simply does not permit it. Thanks for your comments and for reading Screamer Magazine. Check out our shirts, we gave ’em to the band and crew, the fellas really dug ’em and I know Luke can’t wait to hop on his new ride and rep Screamer! 🙂

    • Thanks Christen! When you have a band with the talent and showmanship that The Struts have it makes our job easy. The toughest thing is trying not to “gush” and sound like a fanboy, LOL. These kids are truly talented and on their way to BIG things.

  15. Exactly!!! & Oh yea it’s totally hard not to “Gush” they do make that part very hard to avoid lol!! I haven’t been this fangirl-ish about a band since my Teens! But I love that they make you feel that!! Kinda like bringing a part of you back that you once lost!! They are MOST DEFINITELY on their way to BIG things & I’m happy to be here to witness!!

  16. This is spot-on. The Struts albums are amazing in and of themselves, but to see the band live…ahhhh, it gives you life! As entertaining as they are talented.

  17. Thank you for this amazing review! I’ve seen them live several times and they are the best band to see live and I will die on this hill!

  18. You are by definition a Strutter! I’ve met Rex in New Orleans. I’m from Massachusetts. Many other commenters have become friends I’ve met along the way. I see posts from Jen (met her in Nashville), Sophie (we’re on future Kesha/Struts Cruise), and Bryan (met in New Orleans). All because of these gents. Life changing! Loved the review. Thank you Screamer Magazine!

  19. There are no fans like The Struts fans! We share tickets, trade swag, and lift each other up! They are really just getting started, and their fans can’t get enough of their music. The guys are also very generous with their time, and make everyone who attends a Meet & Greet feel special.
    Hoping to see them on SNL or Carpool Karaoke in 2020!
    Thanks for supporting the band in your magazine.

    • Veronika, The Struts’ fans are indeed fanatic–I love it! So much positive energy at a Struts’ show. On my way out of the venue I talked to a guy wearing a Slayer shirt!! and he dug them too. You’re right, they’re only getting started. Thanks for reading Screamer Magazine.

  20. Fabtastic article! I’ve loved this band since 2016 and they keep getting better and better! Can’t wait to see them in Chicago and good possibility in St. Louis.

  21. Great article about a great band! Luke and the lads never disappoint! I’ve seen them 10 times and hope to see them 100 more! Thank you, Screamer Magazine, for a well-written article about the greatest young band around. Just watch… these guys are gonna Make it Big!

  22. Amazing article about an amazing band! I never heard of the Struts before I saw them last fall in Toronto! Literally the best energy, crowd participation and music ever! Love me some Luke and the boys- theres not one single day that goes by that I’ve not listened to my fav tunes from them! So glad you have such a brilliant review – The Struts certainly deserve it!

  23. The Struts are an amazing band and even more amazing live! I agree that The Struts bring in the most diverse crowd which makes going to these shows even more fun!

  24. Seeing The Struts live is an experience that should never be missed. The energy, the music, the sheer amount of talent and skill on that stage are why I will drop everything and take off when they’re in town or relatively near by.

  25. Saw them live for the first time at Innings Fest less than 2 weeks ago. They were a FORCE OF NATURE!!! We’ll definitely be going to any/all of their live shows occurring in the Phoenix area!

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