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has released a music video for their new song “Dark and Lonely“. The track is off of the band’s newest album V•••-. The video is inspired from Troy Paiva’s iconic photography.  

See on Tour this fall. 

After almost a decade of worldwide touring, Tiger Army went into semi-dormancy after completing the tour cycle for “Music From Regions Beyond” (produced by the late, great Jerrry Finn); emerging periodically to play the annual Octoberflame festival and select other shows while bandleader Nick 13 released and toured on a self-titled Americana solo album.

​ ​In 2014 writing & preparation for a new Tiger Army album began, with recording beginning the following year. 

In March last year, Tiger Army released a music video for their new song ””, 

​off of their latest release, full length album, .

Release New Video ” ” 

Watch here:

​ The album ​was released late last year via Rise Records, and was the first​ Tiger Army studio album in nine years, the follow up to 2 Music from Regions Beyond (2007)

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