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LA alternative   have just released their new track and for “IDK” today via Another Century. The track, will be available to purchase and stream on Friday, January 22nd. Pre-add/save the track HERE.

Watch the music video, below.

“IDK plays with the double entendre, ‘I decay’ and ‘IDK’ (I don’t know) to illustrate the Voltaire quote, ‘The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing,'” states vocalist  about the newest release.  drummer  Steele Medina adds, “IDK opens the door to the idea that we have to be willing to discard our old ideas and identity to give space for new ideas to grow and allow a more evolved identity to flourish. The last thing we want to do is to get stuck in old patterns of thought and behavior. This is an essential principal as we progress through the various degrees of the initiatory traditions.”

GEMINI SYNDROME spent the better part of - writing the final installment of their long planned three trilogy. They retreated to drummer Steele Medina’s home studio, where they meticulously crafted song after song, relentlessly reworking and rearranging the musical arrangements until they were fully satisfied. After an exhaustive writing process, relocated to Good Sounds in Tempe AZ, where producer would realize the collection of songs. Medina recalls, “We absolutely loved working with Matt and he completely understood where we to take this creatively and what it was going to take to bring the third chapter of this trilogy to light. Our actual collective blood, sweat and tears went into its creation.”

“IDK” follows the release of “Reintegration” and is the band’s first new music since the release of their sophomore   (2016), which hit #1 on Heatseakers Chart and spawned singles: “Eternity“, “Anonymous“, “ Inside“, “Sorry Not Sorry“, and “Remember We Die“. Stay tuned for more details about the band’s forthcoming third by following the on socials.

 (vocals, keyboards)
Steele Medina (drums, programming)
Alessandro “AP” Paveri (bass)
Nicholas Paul Arnold (touring guitar).


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