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This was a year marked with highs and lows, tragedies and triumphs and plenty of great music.  Screamer Magazine had the opportunity to interview some of rock n’ roll’s all time greats as well as plenty of newcomers.  We covered events all over the planet, from Los Angeles to London and all parts in between.  As 2013 comes to a close, we asked our writers [some of the coolest cats on the planet] to give us their thoughts on the highs and lows of the past year because collectively, they’ve talked to a lot of musicians in 365 days so sit back, grab a refreshment of choice and venture through the year with us as we look back through our writer’s eyes.



For me, the year 2013 has been full of highlights. In the UK mainstream album charts, the typical array of commercial artists were shaken by high entries from Alter Bridge, The Temperance Movement, Avenged Sevenfold and Black Sabbath. Nothing better than disrupting the constant flow of manufactured pop artists and their predictable domination of the charts!


It was a pleasure to introduce the readers of this top quality online publication to the merits of UK-based soulful, blues rock band The Temperance Movement plus discovering some solid new talent in the form of Mindset Evolution and Feral Sun on my travels. As already mentioned, Black Sabbath returned with a colossal album called 13, whilst other classic rock leviathans Deep Purple also unleashed their latest album Now What?! This Proved the universe of rock continues to grow with new talent while also co-existing with the old guard.


If anyone speaks about ‘rock is dead’, then I’ll be forced to rip them to shreds! Top albums by Sound of Contact for those who like their rock progressive and well produced; Orchid with their take on doom metal; and Tom Keifer unveiling his debut solo album as he resurfaces after vocal cord issues, all provide testimony that the rock scene is vibrant and alive. Place Vendome released a top quality melodic-based rock album while Onslaught assaulted our ears with their latest album VI.


My favorite music video in 2013 was the rather remarkable Expand Your Mind by the Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan, while my overall favorite single Keep Calm and Carry On by Owl Stretching, was barely acknowledged wider than the Saigon Kick fans who were paying attention.

I’ve also witnessed in 2013, my ongoing contributions to Screamer Magazine continue as I break through my one year anniversary. Raise a glass if you may to another successful year of rock music, and to the ongoing growth of this fabulous online publication, which hits you square in the eyes each and every month!  Cheers!

Al Jourgensen, Ministry

Al Jourgensen, Ministry


I like to think I have an eclectic taste in music, however I find that everything that catches my fancy tends toward the darker side of things. 2013 was definitely an interesting year for those of us into the more macabre side of the metal music world.

What I would consider to be both a high and a low was the Release of Ministry’s From Beer to Eternity this past fall.  As an album it was one of Ministry’s strongest in a while, but on a personal level for the band it marked what is most likely the true end of Ministry.  Though Ministry has threatened to disband several times before, the death of Long time guitarist Mike Scaccia at the end of 2012 makes it fairly certain this may really be the end.

Rob Zombie was a busy man this year. There was the release of his vaguely esoteric but still decent horror movie The Lords of Salem, which starred, you guessed it, Sherri Moon Zombie.   A lot of people knock Rob for always putting his wife in his movies but I say the man is a credit to heterosexuality.  His new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, contained enough White Zombie meets 70’s rock flavor to prove he hasn’t gone totally Hollywood in my book.

Across the ocean over in Europe, melodic-death metal legends Hypocrisy actually released a new album End of Disclosure. This was both a high and a low because it did sound a little like Hypocrisy’s greatest hits. However, they delivered the goods of what people expect in an Hypocrisy record.  At this stage in their career are they really required to break new ground?



A highlight of 2013 that more people really need to know about is Wardruna releasing their second album Runaljod – Yggdrasil. A Nordic spiritualist project featuring Gaahl, best known for his work as a vocalist in the black metal band Gorgoroth, Wardruna is not black metal, but it is about the trippiest, creepiest stuff you can listen to.

Speaking of black metal, a definite low was Burzum’s Sôl austan, Mâni vestan. For some reason Varg felt the need to go back to the meandering, electronic style he did while in prison. We were all so happy when he got out and started releasing albums like Fallen, no longer hampered by the limitations of imprisonment. Why regress to this simple form of music with all the resources at your disposal? And yes I actually listen to Burzum– I don’t just wear their t-shirts as an attempt to follow a hipster trend I have yet to understand.  Have no fear however, bands like Horna were still worshiping Satan properly in 2013 with their latest release, Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa; a straight forward, gritty, angry display of true black metal. Fans of this style need not always look across the pond however, as there is a major black metal scene developing in Los Angeles, California.  With European black metal bands like Watain and Marduk having had success touring here it was only inevitable. Check out Satani Infernalis, and Vesterian who just both released albums and came off of a west coast tour.

For those into the more old school side of darkness, Motorhead released Aftershock, which stuck to the basics of rocking ass in the band’s signature thrash/metal/punk style. Proving that not everyone mellows with age.  Especially not Lemmy, who is, in case you forgot, God.




From the past…
2013 was the year that the band Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Heart burst onto the music scene in 1976, and are arguably the first hard rock band fronted by women (sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson). In a career spanning close to four decades, Heart has sold over 30 million records. Perhaps equally important to that track record, the Wilson sisters are credited with influencing countless girls to pursue their own musical dreams of playing guitar and/or fronting their own band.
2013 was also the year that several noted musicians passed away. Among those were singer/songwriter JJ Cale at age 74. Cale might most be remembered for writing songs that were later famously covered by others. Among those were After Midnight and Cocaine (which Eric Clapton had great success with) and Call Me the Breeze (similarly successful for Lynyrd Skynyrd). Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for The Doors, one of the most influential bands of the ‘60’s and a staple of classic rock radio to this day, also died at age 74.
To the present…
I’m pretty pleased that two regional bands I covered for Screamer (album reviews of their latest albums and interviews with the band) seem to be on the rise to greater recognition.  As of December 3, Emphatic’s Another Life and Eve To Adam’s Locked And Loaded, both very solid melodic hard rock albums, are 28 and 31 respectively on the Mediabase Active Rock chart. Congratulations to both bands, and may they see continued success in 2014.
Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath


Here’s a look back at a few highlights from the last year in the vibrant world of rock and metal music:

Pioneering bands that hold great stature in the genre, like Black Sabbath, put out well-received albums that landed them right back at the top of the charts even after being gone for decades. Sabbath’s 13 features songs that run more than seven minutes like God Is Dead, but still found commercial radio play in the U.S. and an enthusiastic audience ready and willing to hear from the metal masters.

Saxon released their 20th album, Sacrifice, and proved that just like Sabbath, they are still capable of high energy metal music after 40-plus in the business. Songs with Saxon’s heavy, double guitar crunch like Guardians Of The Tomb and Made In Belfast continue the quality metal songs Saxon released on their last album, Call To Arms.

Another music highlight this year is thanks to Dir En Grey for their excellent EP The Unraveling. Their music has the fundamental feel of metal, but is also made of so many different effects, styles and instruments that a similarity could be drawn to Buckethead.

In radio, it’s been a year of great music and guests from the shows on the RadioScreamer Network. A recent Diamond Dave Castagno show featured a live performance by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, while The Streets Of Rock & Roll is always interesting with a mix of classic and newer rock and metal bands.  The episode celebrating the 30th anniversary of the landmark Steeler album was among the best.  Singer Ron Keel and producer Mike Varney traded stories about the record and the band, which included a just-flew-in-from-Sweden Yngwie Malmsteen. If they were able to work with Yngwie through an entire album like that, those guys should be teaching a business seminar or something.

When it’s time to look back on another year and hoist a yuletide cheer, that means it’s time to turn up Christmas Jam, the metal holiday classic shredded by San Diego guitar whiz James Steele. This metalized take on the holiday classics – with Steele on the sinister Dean V guitar – is guaranteed to get the egg nog flowing at any Xmas party.

Royal Bliss

Royal Bliss


While it’s thrilling to write about some of the biggest names in music, I’ve discovered the past year how exhilarating it is to work with lesser known artists. Some of my favorites I’ve had the pleasure of introducing you to include Royal Bliss, Wayland, American Hitmen, Another Lost Year and Devour the Day.

Royal Bliss is poised to release their new record in February. Their single, Cry Sister, currently sits at #34 on the Active Rock Radio Charts; no small feat for an unsigned band as the only band in the top 50 without a record label or management.

Wayland, managed by Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree, recently released their newest single, Reno. This summer they had the opportunity to play Sturgis. In December they appeared on the season premiere of TruTv’s Full Throttle Saloon.

Devour the Day was unheard of in my area a few months ago. Now they are heard on the airwaves daily and playing some of our bigger venues every few months.

I could go on and on about every one of these bands as a proud band mom, but I’ll let you check them out for yourself. I’m joyfully watching them work hard and achieve success. I’m honored to be a part of their progress.



When it comes to more well-known bands, I’ll never forget how much it impacted me to attend a GWAR show. They have some of the most intense fans I’ve ever seen. It was an unforgettable experience to interview Oderus Urungus. A stagehand gave me a tour after the interview, and showed me how they make blood and how the props work. It’s forever happily imprinted in my memory the moment GWAR carried me on stage, shoved me through a fake wood chipper and sprayed my “blood” all over the crowd.

But the event this year that exhibited what music means to me most was the Todd Weaver Memorial Ride and Concert. I, along with fellow writer Hillary Mahoney, covered the Screamer Magazine-sponsored event. It’s held yearly (since 2009) and hosted by Blitzcreek Bookings on a stage built in a former corn field in eastern Iowa. Todd Weaver tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident and the event has become a way to celebrate Todd’s life and raise awareness about motorcycle safety and the dangers of drinking and riding.

The event was everything music is about…bringing people together, sharing in joys and sorrows, sharing a passion for music, old friends celebrating and making new friends.

I look forward to what the next year brings with Screamer Magazine. I hope you’ll join me in the journey. Follow me on Facebook at Rock Talk DSM: www.facebook.com/RockTalkDSM


2013 has proven to be a huge year in the world of Rock and Metal. We’ve had monumental comebacks, huge albums from breakthrough artists with some real game changers thrown in for good measure. As with any year though, there are also those low points, the “what were they thinking” moments.

The obvious starting point here then surely is Black Sabbath. The band who started it all returned this year with an absolute stormer of an album. For many huge returns like this, the new music never really lives up to the hype but as soon as lead single God Is Dead? obliterated ear drums worldwide any doubts were swiftly brushed aside. But being that Black Sabbath was such a monumental event this year, it actually strays into the “low point” category as well. From the tour in 2012 we already knew that the band’s original drummer Bill Ward had distanced himself from the reunion after contractual disputes. Many still held onto the hope that everything could get sorted for the album but for many, the release of this album without all four original members locked in is a bit of a low point. In this instance though, the results and subsequent tour have allowed the highs to heavily outweigh the low point.

Whilst it’s easy to look at the monumental sized bands for this, it is important to note the impact some of the breakthrough acts are having. An album which will consistently feature in many a “Top Five” lists for 2013 is letlive. and their absolutely brilliant The Blackest Beautiful. This is just an album which gets better and better with every single listen. Absolute game changer. Away from the “breakthrough” side of things another massive album this year came from the veterans Clutch. Earth Rockers indeed. A low point in album releases? Has to be Megadeth’s Supercollider. This was a real disappointment given the band’s fine return to form with the previous two records.

Another high point this year which is important to touch on is the increasing expansion of Nuclear Blast Records. 2013 has seen the likes of Machine Head, Sepultura, Soulfly and Carcass sign onto the label. These are some seriously big hitters and only highlight the passing of the mantle from Roadrunner Records to Nuclear Blast. On top of all the brilliant acts they already have on board, in the years to come Nuclear Blast are set to establish themselves as the label to be on.


I must start off by stating the obvious: this was a historic year for music. 2013 has been filled with everything from stunning albums to amazing tours. 2013 gave birth to many new bands and took the lives of many old favorites, but between all the highs and all the lows the music never stopped playing and that is what truly matters.
I knew from the start that 2013 was going to be the year that Rock ‘n’ Roll would shake up the music charts. Maybe it was something in the air or in the water, I just don’t know, but things were about to change. Every week an album was being released and, to no fault of my own, each week my bank account was being drained right before my eyes. Some of my favorite albums included Rob Zombie with Dead City Radio, Black Sabbath with 13, Escape The Fate with Ungrateful, Bring Me The Horizon with Sempiternal and Motionless in White with Infamous. The list just goes on and on, but before I start rambling I would like to point out my favorite album of the year, Avenged Sevenfold’s Hail To The King. In no way was this an easy pick, but this album has been all I can listen to for the last three months and it is flawless in every way.
On a sour note, 2013 will forever be the year we said goodbye to My Chemical Romance. For some it seemed to be a long time coming, but for others in came as quite a shock. I owe a lot of my interest in music to those five talented fellows and I hope that in some way they are able to continue inspiring others. On a brighter note, Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse reconciled and announced a co-headlining tour; properly named Bury the Hatchet. If you have been a fan from the start, like myself, then I speak for all of us when I say; it is about time and I am so happy for everyone involved!
As we approach the new year, I know in my heart that the rock gods are smiling down on us in approval of 2013. We survived and got to rock the whole way through. Now before I start with my favorite part of the year, you might want to grab a tissue or two, this is kind of a tear-jerker. 2013 was the year that gave birth to my start with Screamer Magazine, it is still hard for me to believe that that was all the way back in March, but I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity. I am so lucky to work with such an amazing group of writers and I love you all! This year has been a hell of a ride and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us. To say the least; I hope you all stay tuned!



Highs of the Year:

  1. Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent
  2. The Color Morale – Know Hope
  3. Getting to interview the one and only Michael Sweet of Stryper
Lows of the Year:
  1. Tim Lambresis alleged hit man trial
  2. Lost Prophet singer sentenced to 35 years for child abuse
  3. Black Sabbath – 13 (only because no Bill Ward)

2013 marked my first full year as a contributing writer for Screamer. I have to say that after I interview a band, I feel a bit of a connection to them, like “Hey! That’s my friend!”, even though I realize that we aren’t really BFF. =)  So I feel pride when I see these bands do well.

This year I was able to see my “buddies” in Sevendust tour in support of Black Out the Sun and prepare for a new acoustic album, Dave Ellefson of Megadeth releasing his autobiography and Megadeth touring with Iron Maiden( though I wasn’t able to witness this personally) and Dream Theater earning their second Grammy nomination.  Also, one of my personal favorites, Blue October released their seventh studio album, Sway.

I was introduced to some bands that I may not have heard of otherwise( at least not yet!) such as Kobra and the Lotus, Cody Beebe and The Crooks and Gone For Days.  Of course, it’s always sad when a musician from your childhood dies, and though it’s not very rock’n’roll of me, George Jones was a frequent fixture on the turntable when I was a kid; so I was saddened to hear of his death in April.

Writing for Screamer has opened several new doors for me and I can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity to write for this publication. Here’s to a great 2014!


Another 365 days have passed and I must write a small review about what musically touched me.  Music touches me every single day.  It is a major part of my life and one of the main reasons I chose to uproot and take a big leap of faith to go even further into what makes me tick.

Anyone that knows me will know I am an extreme Def Leppard fan.  Notice I say fan and NOT FANATIC.  There is a huge difference and I claim I am a FAN!  2013 brought Viva Hysteria to Las Vegas, a residency which gave fans the opportunity to catch the band one or as many nights of pure Leppard they desired.  I was lucky enough to catch the last two shows thanks to a very wonderful friend named Tracy, who has become a very wonderful friend and soul sister.  Not only was the residency an emotional event, but later in the summer I had the opportunity to interview Vivian Campbell for his band, Last In Line.  Then in September, I again was interviewing another Leppard; this time I had an hour chat with Phil Collen.  WOW!  Two out of five Leppards in one year!  After Viv, I was told to cross my Leppard interviews off my bucket list!!  SHOOT!  I still have three Leppards to go and I won’t stop till I get them all in my book!

Saturday morning, October 12, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. in Atlanta, Georgia, I climbed into my car with my two dogs and headed on the biggest journey of my life.  I drove 32 hours across America The Beautiful to start a new life; to further my ventures of writing by coming to the city that offered me unlimited resources of music and entertainment.  I am now here and waiting for 2014 to bring it on!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I look forward to a most wonderful year ahead.


Wow… I’m sitting here close to midnight in the quiet and dark of my office with only the light from the monitor casting a muted ray across the desk.  It was 80 degrees a few days ago in mid December and I can’t believe it’s the end of 2013.  I can’t believe it was friggin’ 80 degrees!  Oh yeah, this is California.

I’d like to think I grew up in a “musical” family; not necessarily ‘the sound of music’ but thinking back it was a trip.  My dad used to walk up and down the hallway on Sunday mornings when us tots were small, in his muscle tee, shorts and cowboy hat strumming his guitar.  That was the wake-up call and we’d all open our bedroom doors, peer out rubbing our eyes and smile because we knew bagels with lox and cream cheese was waiting in the kitchen [though I’m allergic to seafood].  Guess how we found out?  He’d be singing, I’m Movin’ On by Hank Snow and over the years my mom spun a lot of Hank Williams, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Gordon Lightfoot [just to name a few] and told me stories of waiting all week to hear a 1-hour rock and roll radio program when she was a teenager–rockabilly and Elvis!  I loved listening to music so much, I had an old white AM radio that I’d tune into at night before I’d fall asleep and tell myself to ‘wake-up!’ when certain songs were played and you know what?  I did!  No wonder I’m an insomniac.  I truly love what I do so each year I think about what has made me aware of the world at large and I always see everything through the songs I listen to.

2013 has had some big moments in rock music so what did I discover this year?  Well, after like what, 40 years and 30 million albums later, Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I got to preview many new releases and though I would love to name every one of them [don’t tempt me] below was some of my favorites of the year:

Alice-in-Chains-The-Devil-Put-Dinosaurs-HereAlice in Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, AlterBridge Fortress, Pearl Jam Lightening Bolt,  Lita Ford The Bitch is Back [Live],  Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll,  A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul to Waste, Tom Keifer The Way Life Goes, STP w/Chester Bennington High Rise, Imagine Dragons Night Visions, SoiL Whole, Eve to Adam Locked and Loaded, Queensryche Queensryche, Black Sabbath 13, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Unvarnished, and Heart of a Coward Severance.

Running amuck all over Hollywood on any given night with Publisher Dave Castagno or photographers Ronnie Lyon and Glen Willis made the long nights out at the clubs more fun than a barrel of monkeys on acid; especially when everyone was together.  Thank you gentlemen for watching over me while I was out there!

I also sat this year and spoke with some of nicest and most interesting artists you could ever imagine; I mean these people have probably seen just about all there is on some weird level in the years they’ve been doing what they’ve been doing so just the opportunity to listen and laugh with them made those moments during our interviews very special: G Tom Mac, Marky Ramone, Heaven and Earth, John Corabi, 68-75, Buckcherry, Volbeat, X, Aerosmith, Terry Mc Dermott and Alter Bridge.  What a crazy journey these people have led to date!  I can’t wait to catch up with them all in 2014 as well as new interviews with some of hottest acts in the rock world.

Phil Collen, Delta Deep

Phil Collen, Delta Deep

I’ve written these words before and I’ll write them again; I’m very lucky to hold the position I do and walk where many only dream.  Over the past year I’ve visited our radio station, www.radioscreamer.com, and watched some great acoustic sets most recently from Phil Collen [Def Leppard and Manraze] and Delta Deep.  Seeing these performers right in front of me is a trip; I remember watching them on MTV in my twenties and wondering what it would be like to meet these people; to talk to them and find out what made them tick, and today I still don’t know but I love talking to them!  And of course I can’t forget all the power behind the thrones; the public relations/marketing families I’ve come to know, correspond with daily and I love you—you all know who you are!

I can’t wait to see what’s happening at NAMM 2014 and meeting Ted Nugent in January!  Thank you for following me online and supporting Screamer Magazine!  Please let us know what you’d like to see more of in Screamer and I’ll try to make it happen.

And of course, there were many of those in the music world, we lost in 2013.  Death is a very important part of life; it’s a rite of passage from this world to the next and I’m sure the heavens are rockin’ tonight.  Have a safe and happy New Year whatever you do and let peace be the journey…

1/17/13: Claudio Leo, the original guitar player for Lacuna Coil, died of an unnamed disease. He was 40.

1/1/13: Musician and singer, Patti Page, passed away from unknown causes. Page was most famous for her songs “Tennessee Waltz” and “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?” She was 85.

1/26/13: Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, a funk singer and guitarist with the Ohio Players, died of cancer. He was 69.

1/30/13: Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of musical act The Andrews Sisters, died of natural causes. She was 94.

2/4/13: Reg Presley, the singer of the British band The Troggs, died of lung cancer. He was 71.

2/4/13: Donald Byrd, the legendary blues trumpeter, died at 80.

2/5/13: Paul Tanner, the trombone player for the Glenn Miller Orchestra, died of pneumonia. He was 95.

2/12/13: Rick Huxley, bass player for the British Invasion pop-rock band Dave Clark Five, died at age 72.

2/14/13: Tim Dog, the Bronx-born rapper who came up in the 1990s with Kool Keith and KRS-ONE, has died of complications related to diabetes. He was 46.

2/16/13: Tony Sheridan, an accomplished singer and once frontman of the Beatles, died at age 72.

2/17/13: Mindy McCready, the troubled country music star better known in recent days for her stint on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, has died of an apparent suicide. She was 37.

2/21/13: Cleotha Staples, an American gospel singer and- as part of the group The Staples Singers- a member of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, had died of Alzheimer’s. She was 77.

2/21/13: Magic Slim, the blues singer and guitarist, died at age 75.

2/25/13: Dan Toler, a guitar player and member of the Allman Brothers Band, has died from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He was 64.

2/25/13: Virgil Johnson, a doo-wop singer with the group The Velvets, died at age 77.

2/27/13: Van Cliburn, the “rock star” classical pianist who won the first International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1958, died of bone cancer. He was 78.

3/1/13: Jewel Akens, an R&B singer known for the song “The Birds and the Bees”, died of complications from back surgery. He was 79.

3/1/13: Magic, a rapper best known for his song “Sky’s the Limit”, died in a traffic collision. He was 37.

3/1/13: DJ Ajax, a pioneer of electronic and dance music in Australia and around the world, has died in a traffic collision. He was 41.

3/3/13: Bobby Rogers, a co-founder of the Motown group The Miracles, died after a lengthy illness. He was 73.

3/6/13: Alvin Lee, the frontman of Ten Years After and an accomplished solo artist, died of complications related to routine surgery. He was 68.

3/7/13: Claude King, a country singer who rose to fame with the group Louisiana Hayride, died at age 90.

3/7/13: Peter Banks, the original guitar player for the band Yes, has died of heart failure. He was 65.

3/12/13: Clive Burr, the drummer for heavy metal band iron Maiden, has died of complications from MS. He was 56.

3/16/13: Bobby Smith, the R&B singer known best as a member of The Spinners, died at age 76.

3/16/13: Jason Molina, the singer/songwriter known for Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co, has died of organ failure due to alcohol consumption. He was 39.

3/20/13: Eddie Bond, a rockabilly singer and guitarist notable for rejecting Elvis Presley when he auditioned for his band, has died from Alzheimer’s. He was 79.

3/25/13: Scott Hardkiss, a DJ, rave pioneer, and part of the music producers collective known as Hardkiss, died at age 42.

3/29/13: Robert Zildjian, a founder of the music symbol company Zildjian, died at 89.

4/7/13: Andy Johns, a record producer for such groups as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, died at 62.

4/13/13: Chi Cheng, bassist for the alternative metal band Deftones, has died of heart failure. Cheng had been hospitalized for nearly five years after a car accident left him comatose. He was 42.

4/14/13: George Jackson, a singer/songwriter who wrote or co-wrote hundreds of hits including “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “One Bad Apple”, has died of cancer. He was 68.

4/21/13: Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of the Divinyls (best known for the 90s hit “I Touch Myself”), has died from breast cancer/MS. She was 53.

4/22/13: Richie Havens, the singer/guitar player who opened the 1969 Woodstock Festival with a three-hour performance, died at 72.

4/26/13: Celebrated country music star, George Jones, passed away from natural causes. Jones was a country music singer best known for his hits, “The Grand Tour”, “Near You” and “Yesterday’s Wine”. George Jones was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1992. He was 81.

5/1/13: Chris Kelly, half of the rap duo Kris Kross, has died of a suspected drug-related incident involving a combination of speed and heroin. The duo’s greatest success came with the release of 1992’s “Jump”, a single which spent eight weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Kelly was 34.

5/2/13: Slayer guitarist and songwriter Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of the band who appeared on eleven studio albums with the band, has died of liver failure possibly related to a rare skin disease. The two time Grammy winner toured with Slayer until 2011 (when he was diagnosed with necrotizing fascitiis) and is remembered by his bandmates as both their bandmate and brother. He was 49.

5/11/13: Grayson Minney, lead singer for Connecticut-based rock band Columbia Fields, died in a car crash. He was 28.

5/20/13: Zach Sobiech, a YouTube personality whose song “Clouds” was a viral hit, has died of osteosarcoma. Sobiech’s songs were written as a reaction to a terminal diagnosis from the bone cancer which, in 2012, gave him a year to live. Celebrities and musicians like Rainn Wilson, Bryan Cranston, Sarah Silverman, and The Lumineers all participated in lip-sync and tribute versions of the song in honor of the young musician. He was 18.

5/20/13: Ray Manzarek, founding member of legendary rock band The Doors, has died after a long fight with bile duct cancer. “Ray was a huge part of my life and I will always miss him,” Doors guitarist Robby Krieger said. He was 74.

5/21/13: Phil Buerstatte, former drummer for White Zombie and Wisconsin-based metal band Last Crack, has died. Rob Zombie posted the news on his Facebook page and said, “Phil was a very troubled guy during his time with us and I never really knew what happened to him after he left the band.” He was 44.

5/21/13: Trevor Bolder, longtime bassist for Uriah Heep and David Bowie, has died of cancer. “He will be sadly missed by family, friends and rock fans all over the world,” Uriah Heep’s Mick Box said. Bolder was 62.

6/2/13: Mick Morris (known professionally as MickDeth), bassist for Eighteen Visions and former bass player for Bleeding Through, has died of a pre-existing heart condition. He was 35.

6/3/13: Chris Levoir, singer and guitarist for the band The Mark Inside, has died of unknown causes. He was 31.

6/24/13: Alan Myers, the drummer for quirky new wave rock band Devo between 1976-1986, has died of cancer. Myers replaced band founder Jim Mothersbaugh and appeared on the “Q: Are We Not Men? A. We Are Devo” album as well as “Freedom of Choice”.

7/20/13: Faye Hunter, bass player of the alternative rock band Let’s Active, has committed suicide. She was 59.

7/26/13: J.J. Cale, a singer and songwriter who penned such classic songs as Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” and “After Midnight” as well as having a successful career of his own, has died of a heart attack. He was 74.

8/13/13: Jon Brookes, the drummer of the UK band Charlatans, has died of a brain tumor. He was 44.

9/18/13: Pavlos Fyssas, better known as Greek communist raper Killah P, has been stabbed to death. The murder was carried out by a member of the neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn at a time when protests were occurring across the country. Fyssas was 34.

9/24/13: Pat Fear (whose real name is Bill Bartell), the singer and guitarist of seminal west coast punk band White Flag, has died. Since the 1982 release of their fist EP, “R is for Rocket”, the band has released more than 20 albums and toured the world supporting them.

10/8/13: Phil Chevron, a singer/songwriter/guitar player best known for his work with Irish rock outfit The Pogues, has died following a prolonged battle with head and neck cancer. He was 56.

10/27/13: Lou Reed, a transformative presence on the rock & roll scene in the sixties and seventies, has died of liver disease. A founding member of rock band The Velvet Underground, Reed’s life was the stuff of rock & roll legend as was the music he created throughout his decades-long career. After parting ways with The Velvet Underground, Reed went solo recording hits like “Walk On the Wild Side” and “Satellite of Love”. He was 71.

11/11/13: Three members of Brooklyn indie band The Yellow Dogs were shot and killed by an ex-bandmate, who then took his own life. A fourth band member was shot twice and injured, but is expected to live.  Several members of The Yellow Dog hailed from Tehran, Iran and relocated to the United States, where they were granted asylum in 2012. They played frequently at Santos Party House in Manhattan, appeared at SXSW, and had music featured in 2010 film No One Knows About Persian Cats.

12/21/13: Allan “Yeti” Riches, from complications with diabetes.  “i played the guitar, have ridiculous opinions and am generally an asshole. Enjoy! MOSHAWA,” as stated on his twitter account.  He was loved my all.


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