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In order to have a successful Rock band all you needed, once upon a time, was to have some guitar, a singer, a little bass and a drummer that wouldn’t quit.  Now although these things are all still relevant, there is a new age dawning on the music world and it is bringing a lot more than just simple melodies to the stage.  9 Electric is this new age and their sole purpose is to bring this new music to the masses, but in a different way.

IMG_0139Starting only about 2 years ago; Ron Underwood, Micah Electric, Casey DC, and Mikey Lopez started a new form of rock.  These four guys mixed their tastes of dance/electronic and love of industrial-rock in order to form what we now know as 9 Electric.  Their influences include Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, KoЯn, Nero, Pendulum and Static-X.  With this wide range of influence 9 electric have been able to combine a little of everything and have invented an original sound all their own.

How 9 Electric; 9E for short, came to be is an amazing story of fate.  “Mike and I were in a band together and we didn’t have a name.” states Electric.  “When the band with no name ended we decided we had to figure out if we wanted to be in a new band together.”  Luckily this was what Electric and Lopez wanted to do.

“At the beginning of 2010 we recorded a bunch of demos and took it to our attorney and dear friend Eric German; who just happened to be the attorney and dear friend of Mr. Ron Underwood.  We took our demo and said ‘we need a new singer check this out.’  He listened to it and he said, ‘look, I think I’ve got the guy for you.’

IMG_0085After taking some time to listen to this new guy named Ron Underwood, in his previous band, Electric and Lopez knew “we just wanted him to be in the band so we just kept hitting him up.”  This determination would be worth it in the end.

During this time Underwood was in between bands and was unsure of joining another band at all.  “My lawyer called me, but I was avoiding being in any band situation after the break up of my last band.”  Although he was on the fence about joining a band he did at least give the early 9 electric music a listen.  “I checked out their music and this was exactly what I wanted to be doing.”  The band was starting to fall into place.

Casey Dc was the last piece to the puzzle in order for this band to be complete and fate was about to have its way.  Underwood and Casey were not only friends, but also past touring buddies, “Ron and I did a bunch of touring together,” states Electric.  These two were actually on quite an amazing tour at one time, “Ron and I were in two different bands and the band we were on tour with was a band called Drowning Pool.”

With Lopez and Electric being friends plus Underwood and Casey being friends 9E was just about complete, but Casey wasn’t in the band just yet.  Casey moved out to Los Angeles and was able to reconnect with Underwood and join the band that ended right before Underwood first heard the beginning of 9E.  As Casey mentions both he and Underwood were doing quite different things in this new band, “when I moved to LA Ron and I played in another band, but Ron wasn’t the singer, Ron was the bass player and I wasn’t the bass player,  I was playing slide guitar and cello.”

IMG_0217When this band did eventually end, Casey knew he needed something else.  “I wasn’t in a band anymore and I wanted to be in a band so I started to look for bands on Craigslist every day… There were hundreds of opportunities on there.”  However, none of these opportunities seemed to fit with Casey.  “I would listen to all the song samples and then I would decide if i wanted to join the band.”  After going through hundreds of different ads on Craigslist, “eventually i found these guys and they had half done songs and they were awesome!”  He knew then that this was a good fit for him, “I wanted to be in this band! ”

After calling Lopez and Electric, Casey came to find out that Underwood was in the works of possibly being their singer.  “I called up Ron and said hey Ron are you really in a band with these guys or are they just yappin’ and Ron said I might be, I have talked to them once of twice.  I said alright they aren’t yappin’ so I guess I’ll go try out.”  The band was complete and Casey got the job, “I got the gig because I was the only guy who tried out.”  This was a little bit debatable, but ended with the agreement that he barely had to try out because the fit was perfect from the start.  “Casey just fit what we were doing.”

With all four members on the same page the band performed their first show at The Roxy in Hollywood, California in February 2011.  With Underwood as the vocalist, DC on bass, Electric on Drums, and Lopez on guitar this was a band ready to take over the world.  Electric also took on the important responsibility of programming  their unique dance/electronic sounds, which are used in each 9 Electric original song.  After just a year together the band was able to release their first single with a little help from Static-X singer, Wayne Static.  The band recorded this first single Destroy As You Go in April of 2012.  Static did some guest vocals on the track and the song began to be recognized nationally by radio stations and even some satellite stations.

9 Electric went on to do a ton of touring, releasing a five song long CD Feel This and many other singles within the next 2 years.  During the summer of 2012 they went on a nationwide tour with Static-X, Emmure, Ill Nino, and SHOGUN.  These tour covered new ground for the band and brought in many new fans.

Now for a quick fast forward to 2013; this will be the year for 9 Electric.  Besides Ron “re-matching the rapture” the band has many new music releases to look forward to.  “We will be releasing a bunch of music on iTunes including many original songs and many dance remixes of our original songs, we will also be touring.”  9 Electric will be releasing a new song that features Heidi Shepard of the Butcher Babies.  This exciting and highly anticipated song is scheduled for release some time within the next two months.  Among many of the remixes they will be releasing, the band was happy to announce the remix of Attack Mode Anthem, which in future will be referred to as Attack Robot.  This new remix will be a combination of the original 9E song and the famous Daft Punk song Robot Rock.  Fan favorite, Feel This will also be one of these remixes and it will be released in about three different forms.  Like Casey said “lots of dance music remixes” can be expected and these are just a few good examples.

IMG_0302Fans of 9E can’t expect a full length album just yet with the band all agreeing “were only going to do a full length album when its put out by a label” however, “whether someone wants to sign the band or not were still going to continue writing new music.”  The band has successfully released two new originals just within the last few months.  Filthy is 9E’s newest single so go take a listen!

When 9 Electric takes over any stage it is impossible to look away.  Aside from the music, 9 Electric have a mesmerizing light show that goes a long with each song.  The band also has a big screen back drop to display their name and sometimes a little more.  With these extra theatrics intact the guys of 9E are constantly giving more than just a simple rock show.  The band also includes go-go dancers during the gigs in their home town of Hollywood, CA.  A big part of 9E’s success and what makes them original is this stage presence and different theatrics.  The band has an energy that flows over into the audience and gets people moving and wanting to sing along.  9 Electric’s music makes you want to not only bang your head, but you can also easily finding yourself dancing until your feet hurt and it makes an unbeatable combination.

Catch 9 Electric in Hollywood, CA at the Roxy Club April 1st for an unforgettable April Fools night filled with shenanigans and amazing music.  Joining them will be Lacy Connor’s band Halo as well as Vattica.  Like all 9 Electric shows; a light show, big screen back drop, and the 9E go-go dancers will all be on stage giving the amazing performance this band is known for.  This is certain to be one of the best shows to hit tinsel town this year so do not miss it!

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