Bobbie Brown and Her Dirty Rocker Boys

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Bobbie Jean Brown was born and raised in Louisiana.  The daughter of Bobby Gene Brown and Judy Ann Faul, the young couple’s tumultuous relationship tortured Bobbie all of her young life.  She became instantly famous for her best known roll as the Cherry Pie Girl in Warrant’s video of the same name.  She was also the girl who would become the second half of the hottest rock couple of the era with former front man, the late Jani Lane.  Bobbie joins us for a no holds barred chat about her earlier life and her new book Dirty Rocker Boys.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I will never be bothered being called The Cherry Pie Girl or Ms. Cherry Pie.  It is how most people know me and it has made me who I am today and I can’t deny that and I’m very grateful.  It’s amazing to me at the so-called fans out there who do have the hatred and the ugliness for me.  I often get asked not to engage, but I can’t help it as I’m only defending myself.”  Brown and Lane married almost immediately after Cherry Pie had instant success.  She states handling it was a multi-faceted question and she didn’t handle it well at all.  “I am a little nervous about the book because Jani isn’t with us anymore.  I was very true to my story, I didn’t leave anything out.  I’m not one to lie and if anything, my problem is that I tend to say too much.  Our relationship wasn’t all roses and he won’t be completely portrayed always in the positive manner.  And I’m sure there are going to be people to come down on me for what I have written, but I wasn’t going to deny myself the truth or deny my readers the truth, because it just wasn’t a good relationship at the time.  We remained friends throughout the years and made amends with each other for all the problems we had when we were young…and remember we were SUPER young.  I had Taylar when I had just turned 22 and he was only four years older than me.  We were both very young and both very famous in our careers at that time and it was just a crazy era.  He had his addictions of course and I had mine and that made it even more difficult.  I don’t think anybody at that age NOW should ever be married”, she says with seriousness.  “I look back at it now and I was so young and everyone was saying that to me then, but you look at them and say ‘don’t tell me what to do’ or ‘I’m old enough’; but really? It is just so, so young.”

Brown’s book is scheduled for release on November 26 and has the 80’s and 90’s rock world rockin’ once again.  The rock and roll truth be told book has some very HOT eye-opening information.  The sureness, not the possibility, of receiving backlash and flack from the book is definite, Brown believes.  “I am certain I will catch flak from the book.  I was brutally honest in every situation and I certainly do not make myself out to be a hero, and if anything I’m self deprecating and brutally honest about myself as well.  I know that there will be people who will want to hate on me because Jani is no longer with us, but I have to be honest about everything.  The fact was, he wasn’t a great husband to me at the time but it doesn’t mean we didn’t make amends and we were good friends when he passed.  I was one of the people he called on before he passed away, and you have to remember almost 20 years had gone by.  We both were young and had learned a lot since then and we made our apologies to each other and all that.  Of course there are still going to be people who will freak out.  My mama always said ‘fan is short for fanatic’ and we have to remember that!  You know that haters are just gonna hate and they are going to do and say what they always do.  I really can’t be bothered and I guess I’m doing something right if they are so affected by it.  Some of them are just so mean and relentless.  I can’t please everybody all the time and I can’t help if they don’t like what I’ve written.  I am sure there are going to be people that aren’t going to be happy and it will cause a little bit of a controversy.  It WAS my life, I lived it and I can write about it and speak about it if I want.  I am also sure there will be a number of people who will be offended, especially because I’m a woman telling tales that men can and do tell all day long and people high-five them for it.  I’m sure I’m going to get all kinds of flak–or I may get praise.  Who knows?  It could go either way, but all in all that’s not why I wrote the book.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarried once to Lane and engaged to another well-known rocker, Tommy Lee, of Motley Crue, Brown had numerous hookups with some of Hollywood’s hottest hotties.  Wondering if regret was ever in her mind, she replied, “You know I can’t say I really regret any of THEM”, she laughs.  “I more so regret the decisions I made, or things I didn’t prioritize or the second chances I didn’t give.  I do have a lot of regret in that area but I don’t look back on anybody that I spent some time with and say, ‘Ewww!  I wish I hadn’t done that.’   Those instances have made me who I am and those are my experiences.  I am very grateful for all of them, but I will have to admit there are some really crazy stories in there.  I was off the chain and out of control back then.  So it’s funny and kind of sad but ends on a good note.  I’m uber grateful for where I am today and all my experiences that led to this day.”  With some intensely wrong relationships behind her, Brown says she would love to marry again if the right person came along.  “I would love to get married again.  I just don’t know if I’ll ever meet anybody.  First of all, I definitely don’t get out enough and yes I do work all the time, but guys don’t hit on me.  In real life, like in person, they don’t hit on me.  They do on-line.  You know, I’m really old-fashioned and maybe the book doesn’t lead that and mind you the book of my crazy times is a year’s span of where I went off the Richter scale.  Doing that was out of pure hurt and now I do things slowly and I’m not easy to get.  People are just too fast and eager these days and are like, hey let’s have sex right away!  I just step back and say wow what happened to the date?  So I really don’t know if it will ever happen and it kind of worries me a little bit, ya know?”

Addictions to cocaine and crystal meth while Lane battled with alcohol, she continued to ease her pain as she struggled to handle success.  Participating in her use with others, she accepts her addiction as her own.  “Oh, God no!   I would or could never blame anyone for my addictions, nor could anyone make me do anything.  It was of my own volition and if anyone even thought about trying to make me do something there was no way.  No one could make me do anything.  Everything was of my own accord and I am accountable for my own actions.  I definitely had motives for why I did what I did.  I would do it to be thin or to mask the emotions of sadness and to try to not feel the pain of sadness.  Those were my two main reasons for doing the drugs.”  Several years later she became afflicted with an OCD condition called Trichotillomania, which is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair leading to noticeable hair loss.  “As for the hair pulling, this is my theory on what triggered me to do it.  It’s a stress response or a lack of the ability of coping to something response.  I began pulling in what was the most toxic relationship I had ever had in the past eight years.  I NEVER EVER had pulled my hair before until eight years ago.  It was the most traumatic, tumultuous, constant fighting, emotional, degrading.  It was the worst relationship of my entire life and that’s when I realized what I was doing.  I feel it’s a lack of control or a lack of understanding.   When you can’t relate to someone and it’s so infuriating and frustrating, it’s literally the term ‘pulling my hair out’; I was pulling my hair out.  I also feel it’s the same for people who cut or burn. So it’s a response to something they can’t cope with such as a tragedy, lack of voice in the home or any number of reasons that can cause the triggers for children or anyone to begin any type of OCD disorders.”  It is estimated that between 4 and 10 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from this disorder.  It’s hard to know for sure as most sufferers keep it quiet.  “You are devastated because you are telling yourself to stop but you can’t.  It’s almost like a little trance you go into and once it’s over, the sensation from the pulling sends dopamine’s through your body that calms your inner self.  Then reality hits, the anxiety returns and you’re disgusted because there’s all your hair all over the floor.  It’s a sick cycle that you go through and no one can understand unless they have gone through it.  It’s very, very hard and I believe it has to do with some sort of emotional misunderstanding that you have no answer to or any control over.  I also feel that when you do a drug, you are doing the drug to mask the pain or to say ‘fuck it’ or ‘let’s not deal with it.’  If someone is eager to do a drug, it’s because they don’t want to feel or deal with something or they want to cover something up by self medicating so to speak.  So when I pull, it’s a really sad cycle and I just sit back and think what have I done to myself and not many people can empathize with it and it’s a matter of you’re going to break or pull your hair out.”


Dirty Rocker Boys also proves to be Brown’s memoir of her life and struggles.  She not only includes those dirty rocker boys, but also some very juicy reading of some very well-known names in and around Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.  Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip more than appropriately fits the chapters in her book.  “It was definitely a scene unlike none other. Unlike any place in the world in the 80’s and even into the 90’s.  Look at what we wore!  Look at the fashions, the hair styles, the guys going through the whole wearing makeup and dressing like women.  It was pretty wild and I can’t say I’ve ever seen it that way since and I don’t think it will ever be again.  It was a decadent time and everyone lived it up to the fullest.  It was what it was and it definitely set the stage for some ego driven, non-caring moments.  Running by the seat of your pants, or no pants at all for that fact the truth be told, who knows,” she laughs.  “I can remember flying out and right as I would land I could feel the energy shift, the buzz.  It was something in the air and my mother hated it!  She would say I hate it here and I would say I LOVE IT!  There is definitely some sort of weird freedom about being here in L.A.”

Brown is also a co-star of The Ex-Wives of Rock which includes Athena Lee Kottak, Sharise Neil and Susan Blue Ashley Dixon.  It’s a small and very related group.  Brown was married to Lane/Warrant, Kottak (sister of Tommy Lee/Crue & ex-wife of James Kottak/Scorpions), Neil (ex-wife of Vince Neil/Crue) and Dixon (ex-wife of Jerry Dixon/Warrant).  “When Tommy and I were dating he kept Athena and I at a distance.  He didn’t want that, it wasn’t cool.  We didn’t have the chance to bond like we have now, in fact we didn’t speak for years because of the way Tommy and I ended was not good.  She is very loyal to him because that’s her family and I respected that.  Having finally come together and having the opportunity to discuss the issues and things we didn’t get to back then, we are like ‘I thought this and I thought that, and  oh my God no way!’  Now we are closer than ever and it seems that no time has passed and we finally have gotten to kindle or re-kindle what we knew was a special bond that we weren’t really able to pursue.  So yea it did affect our friendship back then, because he didn’t want that.”  The show has completed the second season and co-producer Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale) along with the ex-wives are hoping to hear soon whether or not there will be a season three.  “Our relationships are 100% closer than ever before.  There is so much emotion, history, everything between all of us.  It’s extreme and passionate.  If it’s dark, it’s really dark or if we’re mad, we’re really mad because we care so much.  I think when you watch a show and you can tell when people don’t really know each other and can tell they’re not really friends, you can just see it.  Watching the Ex-Wives, you can tell it in our body language, the unspoken words.  We’re not actresses and the bond between us shows and comes naturally or it doesn’t.  I also believe that’s what also makes our show special, but that’s my personal opinion,” she says with a smile.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer daughter is now in college and Brown stays extremely busy with recent interviews for her book.  She also keeps busy with her online clothing shop,  Grounded and moving forward, she only accepts the positive sides of life and wants nothing to do with any negativity from anyone.  “I refuse to allow myself to see anything but good things, optimism, getting better, more stable, more secure and more successful. I refuse for fear and the negative to creep back in and take over my life like I used to.  Not many people get a second chance to do the things they were supposed to do or wanted to do some 20 years later.  I really want to take advantage of that and I’m super grateful now for that chance.  I didn’t know gratitude back then and I didn’t take advantage or appreciate the things that were handed to me or placed in my lap so to speak.  That was because I didn’t know how to deal with them and now I am ready, I’m grateful and totally welcome it.”  Brown has one last comment about the negative people and she’s ready to send them on their negative way.  “It’s really amazing at the number of people who will befriend you just to shit on you.  If I am all these things they are calling me and I’ve brought them such negative feelings and all this crap, why are they taking even a moment out of their life to comment.  It’s weird, it’s sad.  I say they show how miserable they are by how they treat others.  All I’ll say is fuck ‘em!  I hope everyone will enjoy the book, open it and find it a good read and not take anything personal.  There are going to be critics and cynics out there and all I will say is let them think and say what they want.  I’m not for everyone, if you don’t like it, goodbye!   It’s my perspective and I hope everyone will remember the last two words of ‘it’s my life.’   MY LIFE.”

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