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Walking through the historic Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, PA, one could only imagine the stories or footsteps those old walls and stairwells carry if they could talk.  It’s an almost eerie environment that smells of the sweat and booze of past performances and the metal legends who have graced the venue throughout the years.

Bonded By Blood Live Photos 25Bonded By Blood can now add their name to the list of those who came and conquered in the past.  Drummer Carlos Regaldo, sat smiling;  they’re having a great time with performances opening up for Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork, Blackguard, and Hatchet on their current North American tour. Regaldo spoke about his expectations for the tour on which he commented “We are just looking to have fun and have a really good tour. We got the call for this tour super last-minute, so we just hopped in the van with Hatchet, so our expectations are really high with so many great bands on this run.”

Bonded By Blood are true road warriors having spent a ton of time on the road in the past few years.  “We are truly about to be everywhere,” says Regaldo, “especially after this tour.”  Obviously with so much time being spent on the road, the band was sure to have picked up quite a few road lessons along the way as Regaldo agrees, “There has got to be at least over a thousand!  I like to tell people that you learn about a lot of different things while being out on the road and a ton of responsibility.  It takes a lot of perseverance and daily grid type stuff, you could be standing around bored as hell with nothing to do and then the next minute you are busier than you have ever been ; it’s up and down with the parking and the loading and then the playing.”

Bonded-By-Blood-The-AftermathThe band’s latest album release was The Aftermath and this current tour will be the last one behind that particular album. The band just returned home from a European tour with Vader, which was supposed to be their last tour until they received the call for Soilwork to hit the road for this current jaunt.  “We were planning to write our next record now,” says Regaldo, “but since we are out here on the road, we are going to hold it off until later this summer.”  Bonded By Blood are a band that really doesn’t like to do a lot of writing on the road to which Regaldo remarked, “Being that I’m a drummer, it is almost impossible unless you have something electronic , but mainly what we like to work with is riff ideas and song ideas while out on the road.”

The band has been through quite a few line-up changes over the years, so the evolution of the band changes with its members.  What about the current chemistry?  “I think the band has gotten better as far as line-up changes,” states Regaldo, “I mean, it was unfortunate that we had so many line-up changes over the years.  Some were for the better good and others seemed to hurt us a little bit, but we never really took it as being hurt. Whoever wanted to come and go, it was their choice. A lot of people in the industry will mark a band because a member has left saying ‘Oh, that guy left! This band is done’ but you can’t blame a band for someone wanting to leave.”

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A lot of people tend to group Bonded By Blood into the thrash metal genre, however when listening to the band’s music it is quite apparent that there is a lot more going on than just your typical run of the mill thrash band.  “There is definitely a lot more going on! Our label pushes pure thrash and a lot of people get this wrong impression that we are 100% thrash, but it’s as simple as listening to our music. Yes, we have good thrash elements and that is our roots, but we will never let that limit us.”

Music is definitely a lot more than the stereotypical genres that most journalists try to box bands into,  to make categorization a bit easier to which Regaldo remarks, “It limits bands because then you know what you are going to hear all the time. Then when you hear really awesome thrash bands like Death Angel for example, yeah it’s still thrash metal, but they do a lot of other stuff that people choose to ignore for some reason. When a newer band tries to mix it up a little bit on their albums, people just take the axe to them and people don’t realize being so critical of new band and bands that have been around a little while over the littlest things can definitely piss off musicians who are just looking to keep things interesting by trying something new and interesting to break up some of the monotony.”

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The band has recently released a video for Crawling In The Shadows so what other little goodies can Bonded By Blood fans expect?  “We were going to do another one, but there are a few budget issues and we are not really a music video band, and I am so anal about being cliché with all the band’s things that every single band does and I try to brainstorm about new ideas for things we can do that are similar but are unique in their own way. We would like to do a claymation or animation of some sort because every thrash band seems to do that live setting in a video and we want to change things up a little bit and try something different.”

As for the rest of 2013, Regaldo says, “We are just going to focus on writing after this tour and hopefully have the time to relax for a little while, write another record and see where that takes us!”

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