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Okan Isik, Sofia Ruszczyk & Can Temiz

Seven Day Sleep is a very new band. However, this does not mean that they lack talent or professionalism. They bring something new to the table with an interesting blend of metalcore and gothic drama on their first release, an EP entitled A Home For Disgusting Fairies.  The members consist of Sofia Ruszczyk on Vocals, Can Temiz on Bass and synths, Okan Isik on Guitar, and new addition Jesse Farmer on Drums. Temiz describes where the band’s name comes from: “It was the name of the condo Okan and I rented on AirBnB in New York. It was the house we finalized the first demos of A Home For Disgusting Fairies at. It was a place that you could rent weekly. I think that was the reason it was called ‘Seven Day Sleep.’ But it sounded much more mystical than that to us that time. And it was the exact spot that this band’s story has started.”

All the members are from different parts of the world but managed to converge together in Los Angeles. Ruszczyk elborates, “Yes we are all from different parts of the World. Can and Okan are from Turkey, Jesse is from Hesperia in California and I am from Switzerland. I was already living in LA when Can and Okan decided to move out here and we met through a mutual friend that I had from college. She hit me up asking if I wanted to audition for this metal band and I met up with Can and Okan and once I sang a little bit for them and we got to talking they wanted me to be a part of Seven Day Sleep. Jesse recently joined the band, about two weeks ago, so we are really excited to have such a solid drummer part of the band now.”

It is no secret that the band’s sound is hard to describe. Ruszczyk explains: “It’s so hard to pinpoint what the sound of our band is like because as the artist you see a much broader spectrum of what the music conveys so when an outsider is listening it can be easier for them to classify what the ‘specific’ sound or ‘genre’ to the music is. However, if we have to describe our band’s sound I would say its Horror metal with fun dance grooves that have symphonic elements.”  As far as the band’s musical influences, they do give an insight into the varying sound and gothic look of the band. Temiz describes, “I think we all find inspiration from different sources. My influences vary from 90’s punk rock, metalcore, Opeth, In Flames, My Chemical Romance, and Evanescence to Old School Hip Hop, Queen, Mozart and Southern Gothic.” Guitarist Okan Isik adds, “Muse, R.H.C.P., Arctic Monkeys and Queens of The Stone Age are my main influences.” And Finally, Ruszczyk chimes in with: “A few of my influences are Marilyn Manson, Beartooth, The Used and Tesseract.”

When it comes to song writing, Temiz describes the process of creating A Home For Disgusting Fairies: “Well Okan and I had started Seven Day Sleep before we met Jesse and Sofia and I had written the songs initially.  Then Okan and I finished the compositions for the EP together.” As far as the title of the EP Ruszczyk elaborates, “We wanted the title to represent our sound and who we are as people so A Home For Disgusting Fairies really is representing a place that anyone can belong because we truly believe everyone is beautiful in some way and people would love to argue that but it’s all a matter of perspective. Being in a judgement free space where you can truly be yourself, being free is so important. We wanted to use the fairy as a creature to represent beauty and disgust because all over the world you will see different representations of a fairy and yet they all are a part of this fantasy world. It’s like our music, even with our heavy, grungy ‘disgusting’ parts it’s also sometimes the best and most beautiful part of the music.”

What’s really impressive is that A Home For Disgusting Fairies is Seven Day Sleep’s first release as a band and they did everything themselves. Ruszczyk explicates, “Yes this is the first release that we have put out as a band and it’s very exciting to finally be taking the first steps for our dream. That is correct, we have been doing everything ourselves and it’s been quite a journey where we have been learning a lot on how things work and really how much effort and work goes behind creating everything that comes with our music, but it’s so liberating at the same time, we love it!”

It doesn’t hurt that Ruszczyk is a classically trained vocalist. This prowess shows while listening to A Home For Disgusting Fairies. She explains further, “I have had classical training. When I studied at Berklee College of Music it was a requirement to sing classical repertoires. However, throughout my life I’ve had different forms of vocal training and I am still trying to learn as much as I can to improve my voice technique. I’ve been trying to focus on getting my growls and scream more solid and I’ve been using this video called ‘The Zen of Screaming’ to try and get different perspective and it’s been amazing so far.”

Seven Day Sleep is hoping for record company support, however, despite the fact that they’ve done pretty well on their own with a very professional look and sound to what they have put out.  Ruszczyk continues, “We are definitely looking for support from a record label that believes in helping us to keep creating what we are trying to achieve and express as a band. However, it might take time to get someone to notice us and that’s alright, so we will keep on trying to create and build our fan base because as long as our music and creative expression is connecting with people around the world that’s all that truly matters to us.” Judging from the 16,000+ views they already have on the A Rose Infested video this doesn’t seem like it will be a problem.


The band’s recently released video for A Rose Infested is really visually striking. The video for this track is in a dark, moody vein as it shows the band jamming in a creepy forest type setting as lead singer Ruszczyk struts around in a Gothic rocker outfit. This alternates with shots of her wandering around and picking up a gun. Ruszczyk describes how they came up with the concept, “Well we all came up with things as we started bouncing off ideas. I brought the concept of filming the story line to the song in the forest and showing this girl going on a journey to what we think is the end point of her life but we soon see that she overcomes her demons/fears and breaks free from them. Can then added that we should have a man representing her demons and that’s the figure you see in the video that is dragging me by a chain. I then wanted to have us in a black room for the performance shots and Can’s wife had the most amazing idea to hang roses from the ceiling, so we ended up hanging about 300 roses from string.” Temiz adds, “Our director Görkem Tekdal combined all of our ideas with his vision.”

As far as what the future holds, Temiz explains how the band is working on new songs now that the lineup is solidified, “We jam here and there but we are really excited to sit down and really focus on writing new material.” Isik adds, “Sofia and Jesse were not in the band while this EP’s songs were being written. Of course their participation to the songwriting process will change many things. Actually, we’re very excited to see what will come up.” As far as the direction of this new sound Temiz elaborates, “Musically our greatest passion is always exploring new musical territories, discover and try new things. But that’s something that forms when we are in studio. But lyrically I’m trying to go into a much more deeper, striking, poetic and intimate level. That’s why nowadays I’m working on Modern American Poetry and masters like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Jim Morrison etc. But of course horror culture and fairy tales will always remain as my main influences. “

Ruszczyk concludes that there is even more on the horizon for Seven Day Sleep, “We have a lot going on in the next couple months. We will be dropping two lyric videos that we are very excited about and we have a very fun acoustic video coming out but we can’t talk too much about that for now. As far as performing you can catch us next on September 29th at the Silver Lake Lounge in Los Angeles. We will also have a couple other shows around California you can keep an eye out on our social media for dates. Last but not least, since we have Halloween right around the corner we are planning on doing a fun ‘activity’ for all of our horror fans that I personally can’t wait for, it’s going to be scary but exciting!”

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