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Oni Logan

Oni Logan has a stellar history as a performer. From producing multiple albums and EPs with to serving as long time vocalist with the Dio Disciples—Logan’s done a lot in the world of music.

On September 8, will be releasing their next album entitled, The Brotherhood, via Rat Pak Records.

The album highlights the unique pairing of vocalist Oni Logan, guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, KXM, Sweet & Lynch), bassist Sean McNabb and drummer Jimmy D’Anda.

Produced by Chris “The Wizard” Collier (, Flotsam And Jetsam, Prong, KXM), The Brotherhood features eleven brand new hard rock tracks from Lynch Mob. This album will surely resonate with long-time fans of the band, as well as those longing for that good ol’ hard rock sound and feel.

Logan recently interviewed with Screamer Magazine and spoke about the band’s upcoming album, the history of Lynch Mob and life on the road.

Lynch Mob first formed in 1989. Since then, Logan has spent well over a decade collectively serving as the band’s vocalist. In that same time span, Logan’s musical journey has taken him first from South America to Hollywood and, later, on to Switzerland.

It was through these experiences and the adventures of life that Logan said he has grown the most, both personally and professionally.

“The high point of my career is right now. I’m getting to do this at 52. I’m getting to do this all over again and I think I’m probably at the most creative time in my life,” said Logan. Vocally, I’m probably at the prime of my life too. I’m getting respect from our peers, people that are around me. For me, I think the most important time creatively and vocally is right now.”

After Logan took a hiatus from the band in the late 90’s, he reunited with Lynch in 2010, resulting in the reformation of the Lynch Mob and the band’s 2009 release of Smoke and Mirrors.

Save for a brief split by Logan in 2011, the two have been rocking together in Lynch Mob ever since.

“I think there’s just a chemistry between George and I that takes me back,” said Logan. “We fall in love, we fall out of love, it’s like a marriage so to speak. We understand each other. It’s been 26-27 years of knowing each other. The man brought me into the limelight and gave me the platform to do whatever I wanted to do as a writer and I’m forever appreciative. I have a lot of gratitude towards him for that fact of giving me the platform to be a writer and a singer and allowing me to front his new band. That was 27 years ago. Life, as we all know, has its peaks and valleys… I think we’ve been on since 2010. We might have had a year or two of a break. But we’ve been going steady, being the original vocalist for George and the Lynch Mob. It’s become a family. It’s become my life. It’s become my first, my vehicle project that I take to heart. Our connection together is a brotherhood and there’s no getting around it. We love each other. We’ve grown to accept each other and in a good sense we have a deep love for each other as musicians, as artists and we’ve found a way of making the art work.”

According to Logan, it was this bond—between him, Lynch, and the other bandmates— which inspired the upcoming album’s title. The title encompasses what Lynch Mob is really about.

“When you’re out together for a whole month and you’re all driving in the same car together… doing 200-some miles together each day together, barely making it to sound checks. We’ve got each other’s backs in this whole thing. We’re taking care of each other as much as we can. Get through a month-long adventure together and we’re doing five in a row. One day off, four in a row. There are just a lot of guys that won’t do that. George, he still does that with all the gusto, with all his energy that he still has. It amazes me. After a while, you become this unified group, like you’re molding something together. We’ve got each other’s back and we’re all trying to make it happen for the benefit of the rock and roll. We want to give the fans a good time and everything. They come out for miles to see us and I think when you do that many miles together, you become something more…  you mold into something deeper and it’s a blood-thing that happens. If somebody’s not feeling good one day, you take care of them. Going through the lessons of touring hard together, we decided to call it The Brotherhood. That’s exactly what it is. We take care of each other and we watch each other’s backs,” Logan said.

According to Logan, longtime fans and newcomers alike will likely find something to enjoy on the upcoming album. With the help of producer Chris “The Wizard” Collier, Logan said the band’s sound on The Brotherhood is bigger and bolder than ever.

“I think the fans can expect an explosive sound. A very lofty sound because we have Jimmy on drums and Sean McNabb on bass. They’re very solid players and they are our foundation,” Logan said. “It allows George and I to do our thing. We’re like Eagles when we have our moments. I think it’s going to look better, feel better I think there may be a little more production involved. We have some key people that are behind us, pushing the envelope with us to try to get us over that little edge that we haven’t been able to do in the past. There are a lot of people coming up to bat for us. Our peers, our agents to make this thing be noticed in a better light. I think there are going to be surprises. I think there’s going to be a substantial amount of love from the Lynch Mob, so to speak because I don’t think there’s anything in our way this time. We’re fighting for the one good cause and that’s putting up some good music with a high energy level. It’ll be a constitution of love and rock and roll.”

To help garner excitement for the upcoming album, last month the band released a music video for one of the first singles from The Brotherhood, titled Main Offender.

Main Offender has got all the right elements of just a great, beefy rock song on its groove… the guitar solo, George really brings it on that level. On a delivery vocal point, I think it’s got a very aggressive side. I just thought, right off the bat, I would come out like a racing horse on the vocals. Conjuring up all these great elements of our friend, who we severely miss, Dio, and meeting it with other great singers from the past. On a lyrical end, it just I was thinking when the presidential debates were going on… they could be our main offender and we don’t know it. I started off with that in mind, but then it twisted into something of a great manipulator. He manipulates people in all facets of life. He could be in the family and just learn how to get away with this without any repercussions. It’s just a rocking song,” Logan said.

When asked which track Logan felt Lynch Mob fans should listen to first, he offered the track’s final track, Miles Away, as one which represents the lives of he and his bandmates, along with the changes they’ve undergone throughout their long-winded history.

“It’s a slow number… I think it sums up everything about the album that we can think of as we grow through our lives,” said Logan. “Our life is fleeting by so fast. When we think about our family members and we think about our times and the people that we’ve met throughout the decades and what-not. For some reason, that song encompasses everything that I’m trying to say in life, for now, for me. The lyrics are ‘So many miles written on my face/So many times I tried to walk away/ So many nights I’d lie awake with the neon lights in my head/ and I’m so far from home.’ That basically sums up my life on the road and it goes deeper into the people that we’ve known in our lives and the people that we’ll miss. We see our friends and our parents getting older and all this, so I think that’s one core song that will stick deep with me. When I hear that song, it strikes a nerve to my soul and it makes me feel something that I don’t normally feel from other songs. I think that sums up me as an artist and as a writer.”

The band also dropped a new music video for Mr. Jekyll and Hyde recently via the Rat Pak Record’s YouTube page.

Lynch Mob has a number of future shows set, with more being added, according to Logan. A full list of upcoming Lynch Mob shows can be found on Lynch’s website.

“To all Lynch Mob fans, thank you for the continued support. We’d love to see you out there on the road and we’ll be playing plenty of material from The Brotherhood and be well. Take care of each other,” said Logan.

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