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Another warm sunny  California evening and Giancarlo Floridia sits eagerly waiting to spin the story on .  Formed in 2009, the band consists of Giancarlo Floridia /Vocals & Guitar, Alex De Rosso/ Lead Guitar, Tony Morra/Drums and Erik Ragno/Keyboards.

faithsedge 2 began with a contact to bassist Fabrizio Grossi.  Floridia already had several songs recorded and the two decided to meet in Los Angeles to review and discuss the possibilities.   Shortly after Grossi heard the recordings, he helped pull a band together to back up the project he was foreseeing.  De Rosso and Morra were brought to the group by way of Grossi.   Ragno would later join the band as keyboardist.  All veterans to the music world, Floridia had a band prior to and opened for some  well-known bands such as Great White, Ratt and others.  De Rosso played with Dokken and contributed to numerous critically acclaimed albums and shared the stage with the likes of Firehouse and The Scorpions.  Morra owns his own studio in Nashville and has played with many great artists and has enriched several movie soundtracks along his career.

Finally, they had the band, they had the music, they had the sound.  It was time for a name. “The band name came from my best friend Big Mike, who had a heart condition.  Right before he passed away, he heard a song I had written for the first album titled Somewhere In Your Heart.  He told me I had progressed so much as a writer that I needed to come up with a really great band name deserving of  the music I was putting out to the world.   He mentioned the fact of how much I loved my kids and suggested I name the band after them.  I named it after my daughter Faith.  The edge part just represents the sound we have.  was chosen…very fitting for us!”, grins Floridia.

Their  sound has been classified as reminiscent of the 80’s hair bands with a flare of the 90’s.  “I would say that we are a cross between 80’s early 90’s before the scene went grunge.  We also have a bit progressive, metal and a touch of 70’s too.  You get an interesting sound with us and no I don’t mind at all being compared to bands from those genres.   I worked with hundreds of guys from the 80’s scene straight out of high school.  Therefore, I am going to have that kind of sound just from being around it all the time.”  Southern California was always known for great music and growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s was a great time in music all the way around.  It brings back many awesome memories for me.  I also  believe it’s our lyrics that is what sets us apart from  sounding like any certain genre of music.   I think it’s the heart and purpose in my words that have pulled people in to liking us along with being super tight musicians playing wisely;  I’m very proud of what I am doing and what our band is doing.”

faithsedge 3Along with the massive sound Faithsedge brings to their albums, Floridia’s vocal abilities and range leaves several hints of a reference to  Mark Slaughter, David Lee Roth or any other that can belt out the notes as high and mighty.  “Wow!!  I hear all sorts of guys that I get compared to.  It isn’t  always nice to hear peoples  thoughts on which singer I remind them of”, he states laughingly.    “ I’m just glad that no one ever says I sound like a rip off of one person, then I would have a problem!  Yes, I can nail some of those super high notes, but you know, I believe it’s my overall tone that I focus on now instead of how high I can go and showing off, but how could I not do those screams since I have the ability? Just lock up your animals while playing the album!   HAHAHAHA,” laughs Floridia.

Having more heart vocally the band is not easily compared to other bands.  They have their own sound and their own style with a lot of hooks and harmonies and high notes, yet a touch of arena rock.   “I think it’s important to have your own trademark sound and I felt in order to progress away from what’s going on with so much in the way of digital tricks nowadays and minimal melody in songs,  it’s all about production and dollars.  I wanted to get back to the heart of songwriting, which is about busting my ass to get the best songs possible. That’s how I feel great songs live on for years.”

The first album was pretty much written before Floridia contacted Grossi, who assisted him  with formatting, making a few changes and bringing it all together.  Floridia was exposed to many genres in the California music scene which brought him diverse inspirations, but his ear wasn’t limited to what he heard in Cali.    “I sing, write and play guitar and I have to do it in sections!   My vocal influences are actually from Motown as my top favorite singing group is The Temptations.  They taught me how to use my range in all sorts of different places.   I also learned a lot about harmonies from when I worked with Juan Croucier of Ratt .  He used to work with Mike Stone who produced Queen, and that is really how I learned to do my backing vocals and put the harmonies together.”

Writing and drums for the second album have been completed and with the band going back to the studio, it appears Faithsedge will be releasing the album sometime this year.  “It’s an 11 song concept album, which we will have co- writes on.   Fabrizio has some stuff and Alex, our guitar player and myself have a co write.   Some of the song titles of the tunes we have recorded are When I Lost You, Vengeance Will Find You, Comes Crashing Down and I Prayed For This.  Other songs and titles may  change between now and the release date, but  this is the foundation that’s been laid”, explains Floridia.  “ It’s taken me a  year of going nuts to get it done but I re-wrote like crazy over and over. Recording it is quick, we work very fast in the studio.  The hard part is working around everyone’s schedules since we all live in different parts of the state and world.  Fabrizio works quick too and so he premixes everything as he goes,  but he’s a big name in demand and we definitely go by his schedule!”

Faithsedge AlbumRumor has it, the title of the album is to be called The Answer of Insanity and is based on stories from Floridia’s own life, trials and tribulations.  At a very young age of 18, Floridia and his previous band had landed a showcase for John Kalodner (Aerosmith/Boston) with Sony Music/Columbia 2 when the label unexpectedly folded and left him crumbled with no deal, no showcase.  “I was pretty close and it was cool having a major label be interested in you and setting you up with a showcase.  It was also weird playing for two guys sitting all calm and collected in a massive rehearsal room and not knowing what was running through their minds.  I’m still friends with one of the guys from that time, Rod Kukla.  I am so glad I met him and I learned quite a few good things during that time of my life”, says Floridia.  “The album is the story about my life before the release of the debut album.”

Floridia went from having a showcase for Sony Music as a teenager, opening for all of his favorite bands, and working with childhood heros to losing everything and ending up almost homeless in the streets of Long Beach with his son.  “This album is about my demise and everything I went through.  It’s about what put me there and my turn around to getting a record deal and returning to realize my dream.   I’ll be getting into the mental state of where I was at different times in my life, what I saw and how I grew up.”

The album reflects subjects of loss, abuse, religious corruption, family life, manipulation, loss of family and relationships of all kinds during his life.  “It’s my side of what happened with a very interesting twist at the end, with the song I Prayed For This, which is my all-time favorite song  I have ever written.”  People were requesting a response to the first album released by Faithsedge and Floridia says they are definitely going to get it with this album.  “Trust me!  This is some crazy stuff which makes the songs more intense.  I have taken my writing to the next level.  Either way, at the end of the record, you may think differently of me….”

Faithsedge will be playing at SKULLFEST in October.  Dates have been confirmed as October 18 and 19 in North Platte, Nebraska.  Until the album release you can keep up to date with the band via their website and Facebook page.



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