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Once upon a time, close to a northern gas station in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, there were four twenty something blokes about to put fuel in their van.  They had almost completed the long journey from Aberdeen, Scotland after playing a show and were tired and needed to relieve themselves.  As they hit a set of red lights the van chugged, spluttered and cut out.  No petrol, no power.  Three blokes jumped out, pulling an already broken and bungeed door away from the van in totality and started to push the vehicle, door in hand.  As the lights turned to green and the van fired up on fumes and set off, three blokes and a door hit the ground.  Recovering themselves as best they could, they stumbled toward the gas station, a touch winded, hair tousled, make-up intact, skinny jeans a little dusty and a door, although even worse for wear, re-attachable with a few good kicks and more bungees to hold it in place.  There was a minor back injury resulting from this particular attempt at machismo, but fortunately this story is nowhere close to “the end,” more a case of…”to be continued.”

Meet Falling Red, upstanding rock band, falling over!

Since 2006, Falling Red, have in one form or another, been standing tall on the UK rock scene and have toured the arse out of the UK and parts of Europe.  Singer/guitarist Rozey and Shane Kirk formed the band and initially used a different name, which is long forgotten.  But after a serious meeting and some big decisions being made, Falling Red was born.  A few line-up changes in and Falling Red has the current roster of Rozey; lead vocal/lead guitar, Dave Sanders; drums, Jade Starr; guitar and Dann Marx; bass.  This is the result of founding member Kirk and band mate Matty Penn retiring late in 2011, to concentrate on personal projects.  “We really couldn’t believe they were leaving, we were at a total loss when they told us, to be honest.”  Drummer, Sanders pulls no punches about the situation.  “We had a really great year, things were on the up, they were starting to happen and we are just left with me and Rozey.  We put an ad in the newspaper and from all the way across the other side of the country in Newcastle, we got a reply.  These two guys came over to Carlisleand we jammed.  As luck would have it they fit musically right away and I think you will agree from the new pictures that the look is right too.”

The new line-up will be touring the UK extensively in 2012 and while they will still be supporting the Hasta La Victoria Siempre  EP (Rocksector Records, UK) released in April 2011, they have written and already begun to incorporate new material into their live sets.  A second full length CD to follow their debut album Shake The Faith (2010) is possible in 2013.  “There are new, different elements to the current new songs, but we are still Falling Red.”  Sanders is totally full of enthusiasm about everything to do with the band.

In order to incorporate the new line-up into live shows, a few low key gigs were played in January.  Results are in and are good.  The band is all fired up for more live shows in the coming months.

2011 saw less road time for this Sleaze, Punk n’ Roll outfit, but Sanders explained the reasoning for this when he spoke with Screamer Magazine recently.  “Because we worked our arses off on the road in previous years, we were able to choose better gigs with bigger headliners.  Hard Rock Hell saw us play with the likes of Michael Monroe and Black Stone Cherry.  We have done two tours with Vains of Jenna (alas no more) and we opened for Sebastian Bach (Ex-Skid Row vocalist), but it meant less time on the road.  During 2009/10 we probably did 150 plus shows a year.  We missed being on the road in 2011 and this year we hope to get out there a bit more.”

Falling Red were scheduled to play with headliners, Bullets and Octane in 2012, but that concert series was cancelled.  Sanders fills in the gaps about the cancellation.  “Our Manager and publicist, Raz White (Raz White Entertainment) made certain we lost nothing from the cancellations and due to his perseverance and business savvy, Falling Red will now be headlining shows on that tour.  People in the business were impressed by our performance at Hard Rock Hell and other shows last year.  On the back of that we have also just played second stage at Hammerfest with Anthrax and Skindred.  Bullets and Octane will play later in the year!”

North America has not yet seen Falling Red live, but the band are not going to jump the gun.  “We may do a mini tour in Florida and there about later in 2012, just to test the water.  We have contacts in the area.  Also Raz is in contact with Stevie Rachelle (Tuff) out in theU.S., so we may look into a visit out there in the near future.”

Self-described as a Sleaze, Punk n’ Roll band, Sanders explained the evolution of dress and attitude on the live circuit.  “We were playing with other bands and they all looked the same.  It started out with a little bit of eyeliner, then the skinny jeans were in stores again, and the hair just happened.  We wanted a ‘dangerous’ look.  We did this way before Black Veil Brides.  Of course some bands still sport the 80’s look, but it wasn’t for us and this just kind of evolved.  We do get some strange looks from bystanders when we emerge from the van after a night on the road having not washed and we have panda eyes and lipstick on.  But that’s what we do and you better get used to it!”

Message received, loud and clear.  Falling Red is here and they look and sound dangerous.  Just who’s lipstick is it, remains a mystery!

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