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Glam metal band Faster Pussycat was formed in L.A. in the mid-’80s.  The band was only together for ten months before they were signed in 1987 to Elektra Records and this year marks the 25th anniversary of their debut album Faster Pussycat.  Two hits off the album were Bathroom Wall and Don’t Change That Song.  They also appeared in the film The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 – The Metal Years where the band was interviewed at length.

In 1989, the band released their most successful album, Wake Me When It’s Over.  The album earned gold status and the band became wildly popular with the hit single House of Pain. Faster Pussycat was the first band to be on the cover of Screamer Magazine’s debut issue in November 1987.  “Faster Pussycat will always hold a special place in my heart,” says David Castagno, the magazine’s Publisher/Editor and now host of RadioScreamer.

In a recent interview with Taime Downe, he talked about his career in music as well as what Faster Pussycat is up to now.  Downe grew up in Seattle and knew at a young age that he wanted to make a career out of playing music.  As for his earliest influences, he said, “My dad was my first influence.  He was a guitar player.  The first record I bought was The Rolling Stones.  Other influences include Aerosmith, Sex Pistols, Cheap Trick and KISS.”

The Sunset Strip was the place to be in the ‘80s.  “There were free drinks, non-stop partying…we were young and crazy.  It was quite entertaining and always exciting,” Downe details.

The band has toured with bands such as Motley Crue, KISS, Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth and Motorhead, among many others.  Does he have a favorite?  “They were all cool.  Motley Crue was great.  Alice Cooper and Motorhead were always cool to us.”

Downe has been playing music for over twenty years now.  When asked what inspires him to keep touring, he said, “I love playing live, and being on the road keeps me grounded and busy.”

He had a hard time naming his favorite song to perform live.  “They are all my babies.  Some favorites are House of Pain, Number 1 With a Bullet and Porn Star.”  The band has recently started to perform Poison Ivy again after not performing it live for over 15 years.

The current lineup of Faster Pussycat is:  Taime Downe (vocals), Xristian Simon (guitar), Ace Von Johnson (guitar), Danny Nordahl (bass) and Chad Stewart (drums)

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