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are an upcoming and coming thrash metal band out of the San Francisco area, who have recently released a stellar new sophomore album titled Dawn Of The End via The End Records.  After weathering quite a few line-up changes and completing three D.I.Y. tours of the US since the release of their debut album Awaiting Evil back in 2008, the band are now currently out on the road supporting Swedish death metal band Soilwork as part of the bands North American Infinity Tour 2013. With the release of their new album has taken on a much more aggressive and professional feeling to their sound and 2013 is poised to be a big year for the band.

Hatchet Live Photos 05We had a chance to catch up with vocalist Julz Ramos to discuss the bands’ new album, touring expectation, and goals for this year.

Ramos had the following to say when asked about his expectations from the current tour with Soilwork “They are not the exact style that we play, but there are certain areas that cross into it, so I have pretty good expectations so far, so we just try to rock it any way we can! We were definitely expecting some bigger crowds with a professional tour like this, as most of our previous tours have been D.I.Y and we are definitely getting that this time around.”

Hatchet Dawn Of The EndHatchet have recently released their sophomore album Dawn Of The End and according to Ramos the recording process what quite comfortable. He says “ It took a lot longer than we wanted to get it out and get it done, we had to go through a shopping process to get a publisher, however the actual recording of the album was done rather quickly and with a good friend of ours so it was really a comfortable process overall.”

Music can have a very therapeutic effect on both the artist and the listener. Hatchet displays a lot of honesty within their lyrical content to which Ramos comments “It can be kind of cool. I think it definitely builds up rapport with the people and the fans who are interested.”

Hatchet Live Photos 03Ramos interest in music was always a very natural thing and he did not have one pivotal moment or event that occurred to spark an interest. He recalls “Music has always been in my family so it was just something that came naturally when it did to me.”  He goes on to say that Metallica’s Black Album was the first album he can recall purchasing with his own money claiming “I didn’t really know what thrash was back then, but I just heard Enter Sandman or something and really liked it, after that there was no turning back!”

Ramos feels it is important for fans to know that Hatchet is a serious band and really wants to make music for people to have a good time.  He says “For us seeing people having a good time makes it an even better time for us.”

Hatchet Live Photos 21This year looks to be shaping up nicely for Hatchet with the release of the new album and all the touring.   Ramos says “Ideally we’d like to do another tour and we have something in the works with another national band that I can’t completely confirm right yet, but the plan is for another run in the U.S and the possibly Europe.  We are also doing the weekend warrior type things by going down to L.A. and playing the northern cities like L.A. and San Diego before going back to work, although we would love to be touring full-time. We are trying to do as much as we can and stand behind the album as much as we can and make the fun of it last.”

Julz goes on to say that the rise of social media has definitely been in their favor as a band allowing them to connect with other bands around their hometown area who are trying to do the same thing and it has been a great promotional tool. Julz jokingly says “We don’t even have an official website, it is just Facebook and Twitter, so let’s hope they don’t come out with anything else, I don’t want to have to create yet another social media account!”

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