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Los Angeles based band Vampires Everywhere was formed in 2009.  The band’s first EP, Lost In The Shadows, was released in 2010 and gained the band a following.  The first single off the EP, Immortal Love, became very popular and the video was shown in heavy rotation on MTV2 and Fuse.  Their debut album, Kiss the Sun Goodbye was released worldwide by Hollywood Waste Records in 2011 and sold over 11,000 albums and has received rave reviews and climbed to #19 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums not to mention Vampires Everywhere is on this year’s Vans Warped Tour performing on the Monster Energy Stage.

In an interview with vocalist Michael Vampire, he talked about his musical influences, the band, the new album and the fact that he believes in the vampire lifestyle.  The band got their name from the comic book on how to kill vampires which was featured in the popular ‘80s movie, The Lost Boys.  The movie is Vampire’s favorite movie of all time. His earliest musical influences include White Zombie, Danzig, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, The Misfits and Marilyn Manson.  Vampire has been in the music industry for over twelve years and feels he has learned a lot with both good and bad experiences.  Before Vampire founded this band, he had some very bad experiences; however, with the success of his new band, it’s been well worth the wait.

The band’s latest album, Hellbound and Heartless was released in June and co-produced by the band, as well as Mike Sarkisyan and Tommy Decker of the metal band, Spineshank.  Vampire is very excited about their sophomore album, and feels like it’s their best so far.  “Hellbound and Heartless is a piece of me and a lyrical representation of who I am.  I dedicate this record to our fans and everyone that believed in our vision” states Vampire, “It’s a complete 180 from the first album with a lot of old rock ‘n roll.  The album is darker and it symbolizes who I am.”

The album features a cover of Nirvana’s Rape Me.  According to Vampire, the band chose this song because it’s controversial; so it’s a perfect fit for a controversial band.  Being a huge fan of Kurt Cobain, it was an easy decision for Vampire to choose Rape Me, as it epitomizes his feelings about the song’s personal meaning due to all of the problems he had to endure with other bands before forming Vampires Everywhere.

While some may be very nervous to be surrounded by vampires, Michael Vampire does not see that as a problem; hence the band name.  Vampire has been rumored to live a “vampire lifestyle,” which is an underground way of living and gaining popularity.  So what exactly is a “vampire lifestyle”?  “Living vampire means the transfer of energy” states Vampire,  “you need energy to sustain life whether its blood or feeding off someone’s life force.  You need energy to sustain life and the sun does weaken you.”

Drinking and sharing blood, though saved only for the special people in his life, Vampire’s realization of his lifestyle came when a person close to him talked about his energy, which made sense to him since his mother’s side of the family has always had some form of psychic lineage coming through the generations.  Whether you walk in the shadows hunting your food or not, Vampires Everywhere offers a little something for all discriminating tastes.

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