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If you believe in the luck of the Irish, then you will almost certainly agree that Adam Haggarty, singer, guitarist and primary writer with Peterborough, Ontario band, , has probably got a gaggle of Leprechauns hidden in his pants and his GPS has given him the location for the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow!

Haggarty has made a pretty unrealistic leap from obscurity, working in a recording studio for other people to make an extra buck, to crooning and shaking it for the masses, as the front man in Sludge Factory Records inaugural band! 

Along with his brother Brett; drums, Tom Gardner; bass and backing vocals, Alan Riches; guitar and Jeffrey Danger; keys, synth, guitar and backing vocals, he is pre-loaded into the slingshot that is a CD release just waiting for Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace and Sludge Factory) Records) to let go, careening him and his band mates into the unsuspecting public of Ontario and beyond!

’s first single I Want It All, now available on iTunes, is dark, hard and gritty.  “It really is the explanation behind the band, we want to do it all before the end, the final curtain,” Haggarty told listeners on a local Peterborough radio station, recently.

Don’t expect too much more of the same sound on the full CD.

“A lot of the songs on the CD have baritone guitars, tuned down low.  I love the big guitar sound, but I also love pop melody, I’m influenced by The Beatles, Def Leppard and a lot of 80’s music,” explains Haggarty when asked.  “So much so, that while we were doing the tracking for the record I had pictures of John (Lennon) and Paul (McCartney), Lou Gramm, Brad Delp, Joe Elliott and even Jon Bon Jovi on the walls.  We still have heavy, edgy music with a melody, but we want to give a positive message to listeners, so we tried not to make our songs too dark.”  The main body of the CD will appeal to the masses on a greater level because of the positivity and pop melody inclusion and Haggarty expressed slight reservations on the choice of the first single because of this.  “Sometimes I will hear a single and when I listen to the rest of the CD, it’s like WOW, there is some great stuff on here, and I can’t believe they released that one first.”  True, these things factor into whether a listener will purchase, or not, but…. It is a pretty safe bet is it not, to assume that Gontier, a seasoned performer and a wealth of knowledge in the music business, both in Canada and further afield knows his rock n’ roll and would be unlikely to fluff it as far as a first release is concerned.  Yes, is the answer.  Gontier flew Haggarty out to Minnesota while Three Days Grace was on tour with Nickelback.  To do that on the strength of a gut feeling, after hearing a demo that Haggarty had shared with bassist Gardner, a long- time friend and bassist in the first band of Gontier, must speak for itself.

Haggarty had already written many more songs in his free time while he was working in the studio in Kelowna,BC and before long a band was formed and a record was emerging.  Gontier co-produced the record with Darren Grahn (who also mixed a couple of songs) and has had a hand in co-writing some of the material, but for the most part it is all Haggarty.  Along with a friend, he had also recorded the music on the demo.  The rest of the band just had to learn it!  With only the artwork to complete, a full record, as yet un-named, should be on its way to your local music outlet (and iTunes) in late spring or early summer 2012.

When asked about the influence of Gontier on the band, Haggarty was extremely generous.  “I was honored, scared and shocked when Tommy (Gardner) first texted me to tell me that Adam (Gontier) really liked my demo.  I have a lot of respect for him; he is a huge name in rock and a great mentor to have.  When I was in the studio with him, he knew exactly what buttons to push and when, to get the best from me vocally.  I have already learned a lot from him and there is a lot more to learn.”

Haggerty shares that; “through these lessons learned comes the reinforcement that if you have a dream and you want it, go and do it, be positive and listen to the message of hope through the music!”

Alternatively take a lesson or two from the residents of The Emerald Isle.  Drink green beer, celebrate St Patrick’s Day and grab yourself a four leafed clover or three.…

It would seem that Haggarty already has the upper hand; the conclusion of this article has proven that in his possession he has at least five Leprechauns and two boxes of Lucky Charms!


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