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The band Kidd Comet is staged to make a comeback and revive that 80’s glam rock sound that we all love so much. Kidd Comet is Casey Lee Michels on vocals, John Zeps on guitar, David “Noodles” Lawson on guitar, Sean Cruz on bass, and Mark Edward Cutsinger on drums. Formed in the late 80’s in Los Angeles, the band recently relocated to Casey’s home town of Indianapolis where they’ve been focused on songwriting and recording new tracks. Kidd Comet is known for their high energy live performances and have shared the stage with heavy hitters like Bon Jovi, Metallica, Poison, Ratt, and Quiet Riot.  Kidd Comet is currently in the studio working on


their latest album, Agents of Chaos, which will include reworked Kidd Comet classics Kiss Kiss Bang! Bang! and Switchblade Serenade.

Interview with Casey Lee Michels:  

Michelle: Casey thanks so much for taking the time to talk with Screamer Magazine.  For those not familiar with the band, tell our readers about Kidd Comet.

Casey:  We formed in Los Angeles in 1988 and released our first five-song EP back then.  We are currently working on our new serial release Agents of Chaos which will be released a couple of songs at a time through our social websites.

Michelle: Aren’t you guys working on some new tracks?  When do you expect those to be released?

Casey: Yes thank you for asking!  We’ve started mixing the new stuff with Tommy Roosa (Cabretti Records) which will eventually culminate into Agents of Chaos. 

Michelle: How can fans get their hands on the new music?

Casey: Well our website ( is

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a good place to start or also they can check out for videos, audios, live concert updates and a lot more!  And of course we are also on Facebook and MySpace as well. 

Michelle: What’s different about Kidd Comet of the 80’s and Kidd Comet now?

Casey: With all things come time; it’s kind of like we’ve come full circle.  Being a huge fan of music (all of us), we just pro-create certainly the same passion for the creative process and self expression.  We love to jam and have fun – it’s like therapy!  We’re older, wiser, and happier.  Like most folks these days not sure where it’s going…but we are enjoying our time.  It’s truly the best band I’ve ever been blessed to be in. 

Michelle: The one thing I always loved about the hair bands of the 80’s was it was almost always “feel good” music.  Do you think there’s still a place for that in the industry today?

Casey: Everyone’s got photos you’d rather bury, but 80s rock or 50s rock – it’s all the same chords over time with a different effect or beat.  That’s music – celebration and good times.  There are only so many chords so it always comes down to who’s in the room as to how the sound comes out. 

Michelle: Does Kidd Comet have any plans to hit the road and do some shows for fans?

Casey: Yes we venture out.  We did about 50 shows in 2011 and we’ll venture out even further in 2012 and revisit where we’ve been.  We love making new friends and having new adventures.  Just pay for the round trip tickets and we’re there!

Michelle: What’s your favorite song to play live and why?

Casey: hmmm…depends, but really I love them all! 

Michelle: If you could have only one thing for Christmas, what would it be?

Casey: A new American administration!  I think a tour in the UK and Asia would be great, and of course a lot more American and Canadian shows too. 

Michelle: Thanks for talking with me Casey.  Best of luck to you and Kidd Comet!

Casey: Dave and Screamer Magazine have always been very good to us!  Hope you enjoy the new music — tell a friend or two about us!


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